Recent research points to some scientific do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy. Starting off from the 9-month timeline, studies reveal that the pregnancy span is 40 weeks. Health experts agree with this stating that ladies are pregnant all the way to the 10th. So mathematically, with 4 weeks/month, the timeline is 40 weeks and not 36!

Another myth was brought to light by notable health expert Robbie Berzin. As per his knowledge, most ladies worry excessively whether they should work out or not during pregnancy? To this, his research work proves that they should.

He further adds- “Ladies should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simply speaking, they should continue to exercise, but they should alter their routine as per their condition.”

Some studies also reveal mothers engaging in moderate to vigorous activity showed impressive health for their- to-be-born babies! It inflicts buoyancy and has a positive effect on pregnant women.

Plenty of researchers states, pregnant ladies can have fish in their diet, which is contrary to circling myth. These investigators further opine- fish is beneficial for a baby especially because it’s high on protein count.

However, they also suggest avoiding intake of edibles with high mercury content. Excessive mercury intake can hamper a child’s brain development. According to sources- Swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel, orange roughy, marlin pack loads of mercury content and hence better off post-pregnancy.

Some doctors also stated that this is just some strange notion/belief which pregnant ladies have.

‘It’s undeniable, that there will be a swollen body with aches here and there. But that differs from between individuals.’

Several studies in affirmation to this fact- highlight that there are no specific reasons which prove that a pregnant woman will experience pain her full quota of 9 months.

Other investigation busts another myth which states- Pregnant women tend to glow more! But some health experts deny this and state that it could be due to sweat or positive thinking.

Some doctors also state- during pregnancy, ladies should keep a watch over their health and not overeat. But, they should not skip meals either, especially breakfast when they are feeling sick, rather than listening to contrary beliefs!