Social media is presently buzzing with the unusual. Anna Kournikova and her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias have shared pictures of their darling twins for the first time. The couple is usually known for keeping their life private away from the media.

The former tennis player gave birth to two adorable babies named Nicholas and Miami last month.

Kournikova posted a picture of her kissing her baby boy in her Instagram account with the tag line “My little sunshine”. She seemed to be enjoying the early morning bliss with her precious one.

Enrique soon followed up with a picture of him snuggling with his child that showed nothing but happiness. The couple has always avoided the paparazzi. Now, being proud parents, they have shared this exciting news with the whole world. No wonder entire media world jumped immediately to get further news on their babies.

This also brought a lot of speculations on when the couple would finally tie the knot. However, in a recent interview, the pop singer said “to express your love for your partner, you don’t need a paper. What matters most is the bond you both share”.

The couple cannot stop gushing over their two little bundles of joy. Fans are thrilled to see their posts on social media websites. Twitter and Instagram were also flooded with warm and loving messages from their fans as they went berserk seeing those first pictures of star twins.

Kournikova thanked each and every fan saying how special they have made her and Enrique feel. Her Instagram account is over flooded with heartwarming messages and posts from them. Both the celebrities are overwhelmed with joy.

It has been a great journey so far,” said Anna.

Anna and Enrique have been in love for over a decade and is looking forward to spending happy times with their twins now.