As per recent meta-analysis randomizing habitual traits of around 2000 women in US highlights – simply heading off for a 40 minute walk during pregnancy stages, slashes off 6% risk of gestational diabetes. It also brings down 30% Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during the period.

The (ACOG) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reinstates this fact and suggests, if not 40, then at least half an hour of moderate exercising for pregnant women.

To-be mommies should include this 30 minute workout, exclusive of the warm-up or cooling down time period, at least 3 days in a week.

They can add variety such as toning workouts, moderate stretching. Some mediocritic exercises including swimming, walking at a brisk pace, by-cycling in a stationary position, etc. also include as options of their work-outs!

To get the best results, pregnant women should include these fitness activities in their 1st trimester and keep doing this as long as they can!

Study shows that GDM or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, mainly high blood glucose, is something that develops in women at around 1%-14%.

It’s mainly seen during the initial stage and risk percentage differs amongst different females. Those being obese, having Type II Diabetes or a family history, will have more risks of GDM.

Another significant discovery reveals –

“…Babies are not affected by such physical activities or for that matter, dieting. Plus, there are adscititious perks such as reduction in weight gain, need of caesarean section or diabetes in pregnancy...”

The scientists opine, these findings are crucial as the usual belief is pregnant ladies should not undergo any sort of physical training.

“…It’s a routine which most mid-spouses/ to be mommies should look to incorporate in their lifestyle…

…And with proof through such research work and studies, they would be able to connect with its advantages and bring about a change in their daily régime…”