The historical Rhythm Method is known for its efficacies in preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as zoning out a safe period for having sexual intercourse. However, recent updates on behalf of medical experts have revealed that its conjunction with FAM or Family Awareness Method can escalate accuracy levels manifold.

The modus operandi of Rhythm Method depends on tracking one’s menstrual cycle on a calendar to find out the most conceivable period. According to experts, this not only helps couples to try for successful pregnancies, but also aids them in avoiding unprotected sex during ovulation periods.

Talking of FAM and its incorporation into this method, a well-known gynecologist said, “While Rhythm solely depends on tracking ovulation periods using a calendar, latest researches recommend coupling it with the cervical mucus and temperature detection chart as well.”

Coherently, experts claimed that a minimum of 6 to 12 menstrual recordings are required for precise detection’s. While one menstrual cycle extends from the first day of a period to the first day of the succeeding period, a woman’s fertile period is calculated by subtracting 18 from the shortest cycle and 11 from the longest cycle.

Explaining through an example, a world-famous medicine practitioner said, “Suppose, the shortest cycle is 26 days long & subtracting 18 from 26 gives 8. So, the 8th day of one’s cycle is the first fertile day. Similarly, subtracting 11 from the longest cycle (say 32) gives 21. So, the 21st day of a cycle responds to the last fertile day.”

In this respect, doctors brought to context FAM techniques such as BBT records and cervical mucus. Since fertile period causes hormonal surges, higher Basal Body Temperature is recorded during this phase.

Further accuracy can be achieved by studying the texture, color and thickness of one’s cervical secretions which tend to be thinner post ovulation. A combination of high BBT and thinner cervical discharges provide a clearer indication towards positive fertility period.

In fact, this combined approach receives the name of Symptothermal Method and as a senior gynecologist says, “Symptothermality has allowed couples to indulge in unprotected sex without risks of pregnancy. However, accurate and regular tracking is necessary to get results.”

A group of experts, on the other hand, said that women with irregular cycles should not depend entirely on the Rhythm Method or Symptothermality alone. Irregular cycles often lead to miscalculations.

In a nutshell, the final decision and approach must be embraced after a scrutinized consultation with one’s concerned gynecologist and taking into consideration medical complications, if any.