Pediatric rashes are one of the most common allergic conditions that disturb every parent. Rashes come from the environment. In any case, one needs to avoid these maladies so that one’s child remains healthy and happy.

Some childhood rashes are harmless and disappear with time. Others are however, dangerous and need immediate medical treatment to avoid further difficulties. Some of the common rashes that every child suffers through are measles, chicken pox, meningitis, heat allergy, scarlet fever and eczema.

Common Rashes in Children – Which is what!

Parents need to identify the symptoms of recurrent pediatric rashes at early stages and for that, they must have a clear idea about these infections. Have a look at the most occurring ones below.


It can be a life threatening rash that first shows up as tiny red pricks and later develops into red, ugly blotches on the skin. If your child has fever or refuses to eat food, fretting or moaning frequently, chances of getting this dreadful rash are high.


Measles at first seems like a cold but beware! If your child has sore eyes and keeps on coughing, then s/he might have this infection. Look for tiny white spots inside the baby’s mouth and consult the doctor immediately.

Chicken Pox

Another noxious diseases, it is a common illness of almost every child. Chicken pox is a highly infectious viral malady that can lead to serious complications. It first develops as itchy, red spots and later transforms into fluid-filled gashes on the skin. Within 5 to 6 days, these blisters form ugly scabs which later fall off.


Scarlet Fever

It is ‘strep throat’ accompanied with rash. A streptococcal bacterium causes this infection. Scarlet Fever arrives mostly on winter or spring and is seen amongst school going children.

Symptoms like mild sore throat, swollen glands, abdominal pain, headache, fever are early signs of scarlet fever.


A dermatological chronic allergy, Eczema comes next. It begins as itchy, red lumps on a child’s scalp and cheek later spreading to arms. Sometimes, blisters may appear. It is basically an inflammation of skin. Though symptoms vary with different age groups, the common ones are- itchy patches on skin, light or dark colored spots, dry skin, extreme itchiness that hampers your child’s sleep.

Heat Allergies

Heat allergies are generally rashes that appear everywhere on a child’s body as small pink pimples resulting from humid weather during summer. They look like tiny bumps and usually appear on covered areas like neck, armpits, abdomen, back and upper chest area.

Are you scared? Well, not to worry!

These are not incurable and with modern medicines and vaccination, the common childhood rashes can be taken care of.

Make your child laugh! More Tips and Details on childhood rashes

Well, here are certain tips and information on childhood rashes that you need to know!

  1. For Meningitis, try the Glass test!

The glass test includes steps like;

  • Holding the side of a clear glass against the child’s rash area
  • Pressing the glass firmly and then if the rash remains red under pressure, then, it is likely that he has gotten the disease.

Parents must not wait for the rash to disappear with time; for such a rash may cause further harm due to delay. They must get immediate medical care once they detect the rash.

  1. For Measles

Measles infected kids remain ill for a whole week when the rash first appears. Since it is contagious, you should definitely keep your child away from his school or from other family members for a while till it is cured. Home meds like Tylenol or Advil are good choices for cure. However, you must consult the doctor before anything.

  1. During Chicken Pox

Scratching causes unwanted marks on the surface during chicken pox. Calamine lotion is a well-known medicine to remove the scars.

  1. About Scarlet Fever

It results mostly from saliva transmission and can be exceedingly virulent. Furthermore, if not taken care of at the early stage, then it might lead to more difficulties like rheumatic fever which may further destroy heart valves causing long lasting heart sickness.

Within 1 or 2 days of said symptoms, sandpaper textured red rash spots appear on your child’s skin. However, a full course of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor helps to calm down the fever easily.

  1. About Eczema

Every child whose family has a history of allergic infections is more prone to this allergy. Kids of 2-6 months of age are the main victims of Eczema.

However, more than 60% children overcome this rash with thorough medical care. Eczema is not contagious and goes away with time and proper care.

  1. For heat rashes

Parents can have their children put on breezy and loose fitting garments to soothe the infected area by heat rashes. Dermatological powders can cure these rashes. It is essential to keep the inflamed area dry.  Moving to cooler and less humid places can cure such childhood rashes.

“Parenting isn’t a practice; it is a daily learning experience”- Ideas that may help:

Once you become a parent, anxiety and worrying about your child becomes part and parcel of your parenthood. A weak immunity system may make him or her fall prey to such childhood rashes which you don’t want. Though most of them are not worrisome, some of them require pertinent medical treatment. Therefore, it is essential that you acquire proper knowledge regarding your kid’s health condition and take instant action.

All the maladies that have been mentioned can be defeated, now that you have got a hang about their nature.

Parents must always take a closer look for these signs which can give the child a lot of trouble, for “prevention is the way to cure”.

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