Second Trimester – Prepare Your Body Well for the Honeymoon Period

The second trimester - before anything, take a look at Clara’s life!  Clara was overjoyed! She was in her second trimester of pregnancy (14th week) and the doctor had confirmed it to be a girl. She and Marc had always wanted a girl to grace their family first. Finally, she could go shopping for her maternity clothes and plan out the nursery. However, there was additional news too. Though she was regular with her exercise routine, Omega 3 content in her body was below normal range – she had to increase her consumption. So, are you nervous, as you too approach your second trimester? Well, there’s nothing to worry! During the usual 42 week gestation period – this second [...]

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Khloe Kardashians’ Heart-Melting Pregnancy News Stirs the World

The media has been in uproar since Khloe Kardashian spoke about her upcoming baby on 15th January. The popular T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians showed a glimpse of this heart touching news when an emotional Khloe said: “I am pregnant.” Holding up her positive test result, Khloe glowed with warmth as she first told her assistant Alexa Royle. Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s partner, heard from her over FaceTime and was overwhelmed with the news. “I asked her if she was kidding?” Thompson said. Khloe and Thompson waited for the big barbeque party that the Kardashians were going to have later on. Both their families were present at the party when the soon to become parents stood up in [...]

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Welcome to Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy and Beyond 27 Weeks

You have successfully navigated the two long phases and are now in your final stage – the third trimester of pregnancy (also known as home stretch). Not to disappoint you, but this phase might seem to be the longest stretch of your gestation period, more if you are beyond 40 weeks. There’s no reason to this other than the mother’s impatience to meet her mini-me! However, besides all the excitement, third trimester is also an important phase which will bring lots of new, contented as well as uncomfortable experiences for you. Let’s begin with – When does this third trimester of pregnancy start? The period continues from 27 – 40 weeks (until labor) of your gestation. It’s a remarkable phase [...]

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Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Mystery Continues As Another Event Convinces Fans

Partner Travis Scott and reality television celebrity Kylie Jenner are facing a wave of assumptions as more fans are convinced each day of her pregnancy. Rumors spread like wildfire as media persons speculate that Jenner might have already gone into labor and given birth. Many followers of Kylie Jenner and her family reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians were disappointed once they started feeling that she was hiding her pregnancy. Fans started looking for clues when one of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe also announced that she was pregnant. Partner Travis Scott’s private jet social media post which said: “Make it Home to ya one way or another” was deduced by fans as a positive indication towards Kylie’s rumored [...]

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Pregnancy Checklist – The Complete List of Checkpoints for Ensuring a Natural Pregnancy

The journey towards motherhood is the most magical yet challenging experience a woman goes through. To address her fear, anxiety and consciousness, various experts have discussed and recommended on the complete list of checkpoints for ensuring a natural pregnancy. First trimester “When in the 1st trimester, would-be-mommies should not rush but take time and gradually implement each lifestyle habit for a healthier pregnancy,” wrote Lindsay, author of popular pregnancy blog, Mother Rising Initial preparatory activities include choosing care providers and doulas who’ll be there to support them throughout their journey. Next, expecting women need to take enough rest and frequent naps, read good books and pregnancy journals during their first trimester. Also, this is the time when they need [...]

Are You Pregnant? Pee on Ikea Ad and Win a Discounted Crib!

Ikea, one of the world’s leading furniture and home appliances manufacturing company, is once again in the news; this time, for their weirdest promotion act. The company promises to offer a discounted crib if pregnant women urinate on their ad published in a Swedish magazine. Amelia is a popular women oriented magazine where Ikea published their message as, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.” As the ad post itself elaborates, this is more like a pregnancy test for ladies who will disclose whether they have conceived or not. According Ad Week, the advertisement contains a strip which will reveal a discount after a woman urinates on it, only if they have conceived. Ikea has used a technology [...]

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Causes and Management of Nausea during Pregnancy Nausea during pregnancy is considered as one of the most experienced as well as most complained about symptoms of pregnancy. While this symptom may be uncomfortable, the great thing is that this does not harm the baby. Moreover, this is often perceived as a sign of a healthy pregnancy. For most women, morning sickness or nausea does not appear until about a month after conception. However, for others this pregnancy symptom may actually appear as early as two weeks after conception. While this may be called morning sickness, pregnancy related nausea can be a problem that occurs in the morning, noon or even at night. Most pregnant women who experience nausea in [...]

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Food Aversions

Staying Healthy Despite Having Food Aversions during Pregnancy Food aversions during pregnancy are a common symptom that many pregnant women experience. In fact, most pregnant women will have at least one food aversion in their pregnancy. Food aversion can be described as a new sense of repulsion at a food that they may have previously enjoyed. You may not have heard it but food aversions are as common as food cravings during pregnancy. Experts describe this pregnancy symptom as a dramatic feeling of disgust to specific tastes, foods and food smells. There are times when being in the same room with the specific food can cause nausea and vomiting. Just like food cravings during pregnancy, experts are yet to [...]

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Mood Swings

Dealing with Pregnancy-Induced Mood Swings Pregnancy definitely brings a lot of changes not only on the physical aspect but also psychologically and emotionally. It’s no wonder a lot of women experience mood swings and irritability while they are pregnant. Even if the pregnancy is planned, it is normal for your brain to be filled with questions concerning the future, your career, labor and delivery, finances, and motherhood. It is normal to feel mixed emotions of depression and excitement. In addition, it is also normal to feel anxious while you are pregnant. Your partner may not understand this. However, you can help him understand by explaining that your mood swings are normal and that you will need his understanding and [...]

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Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin during Pregnancy – Is this Normal? Itchy skin can be a normal occurrence during pregnancy. However, this can also be more than just another pregnancy symptom. Thus, it is important to become observant with this symptom. You have to check whether the symptom has gone from being as mild itch to a severe one, as this can already be a sign of another condition. A lot of pregnant women feel the urge to scratch the skin on their abdomen and breasts. This is a normal pregnancy symptom and this happens around the second as well as the third trimester of pregnancy. This symptom appears as you start to show and your belly expands to accommodate the growing [...]

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