Baby Brain Gets Real, Says Recent Scientific Research

Previously considered to be a myth, the baby brain concept is now getting a boost as a real phenomenon. Recent study on motherhood conducted by researchers from Deakin University shows that it might be an actual occurrence one of a kind. Pregnancy turns a mother into shadows of her ‘former self’ as the saying goes. But in reality, it might be an exceptional cognitive dissonance of the mother’s mind. Problems like losing focus, failure in concentrating, and forgetting trivial daily chores are some of the few typical side effects of the “mommy brain”. Breaking the myth that baby brain makes a mom’s mind sloppy; scientists are now arguing that it might actually heighten cognitive abilities of reason, empathy and [...]

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If Your Due Date is Fast-Approaching, Here’s Your To-Do List!

Besides counting the kicks, making the birth plan and deciding on the junior’s name, would-be mothers have a lot more things to do before they welcome their baby. If you are in the second trimester or third trimester, you can include a few other things in your to-do list to get ready for the baby. First is learning to fold and unfold the pram. With the squirming new-born in arms, it’s quite tricky to deal with the pram. Therefore, mothers can practice using the pram as well as storing it in car boot beforehand. The next thing mothers can do is shop well ahead. It’s not that they cannot visit the supermarket after the baby’s birth, but it would [...]

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Pregnancy Checklist – The Complete List of Checkpoints for Ensuring a Natural Pregnancy

The journey towards motherhood is the most magical yet challenging experience a woman goes through. To address her fear, anxiety and consciousness, various experts have discussed and recommended on the complete list of checkpoints for ensuring a natural pregnancy. First trimester “When in the 1st trimester, would-be-mommies should not rush but take time and gradually implement each lifestyle habit for a healthier pregnancy,” wrote Lindsay, author of popular pregnancy blog, Mother Rising Initial preparatory activities include choosing care providers and doulas who’ll be there to support them throughout their journey. Next, expecting women need to take enough rest and frequent naps, read good books and pregnancy journals during their first trimester. Also, this is the time when they need [...]

Change Your Lifestyle before Trying to Conceive, Suggest Specialists

Parenthood is indeed a blessing that every couple wishes to be showered upon. Having that junior snuggling in the arms is bliss to experience for them. However, the major responsibility of ensuring the baby’s healthy life begins from the period when a woman tries to conceive, informs experts. It starts from that magical phase when willing-to-be parents plan for a child. According to experts, “Before a couple begins to try for a baby, it is vital to prepare both the mind and the body.” The reason being when a woman conceives, she and her partner pass their genes which create the blueprint for the child’s health in future along with the following next generations. Therefore, ensuring the DNA is [...]

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Gynaes say Coupling FAM with Rhythm Method Escalates Ovulation Accuracies!

The historical Rhythm Method is known for its efficacies in preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as zoning out a safe period for having sexual intercourse. However, recent updates on behalf of medical experts have revealed that its conjunction with FAM or Family Awareness Method can escalate accuracy levels manifold. The modus operandi of Rhythm Method depends on tracking one’s menstrual cycle on a calendar to find out the most conceivable period. According to experts, this not only helps couples to try for successful pregnancies, but also aids them in avoiding unprotected sex during ovulation periods. Talking of FAM and its incorporation into this method, a well-known gynecologist said, “While Rhythm solely depends on tracking ovulation periods using a calendar, [...]

Are You Pregnant? Pee on Ikea Ad and Win a Discounted Crib!

Ikea, one of the world’s leading furniture and home appliances manufacturing company, is once again in the news; this time, for their weirdest promotion act. The company promises to offer a discounted crib if pregnant women urinate on their ad published in a Swedish magazine. Amelia is a popular women oriented magazine where Ikea published their message as, “Peeing on this ad may change your life.” As the ad post itself elaborates, this is more like a pregnancy test for ladies who will disclose whether they have conceived or not. According Ad Week, the advertisement contains a strip which will reveal a discount after a woman urinates on it, only if they have conceived. Ikea has used a technology [...]

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Early Feeding of Solid Foods to Infants May Lead to Health Risks

New mommies probably need to be a little more careful about feeding solid foods to their babies. A research by CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that introducing complementary foods to infants too early may put them at health risks. Experts recommend 6 months of age as the ideal time to begin weaning (shifting them from breast milk to complementary foods). These include baby food, cow’s milk, juice, puree or even water. However, a recent study conducted by a nationally represented group in the US revealed that majority of the infants feed on solid or liquid foods sooner than the recommended time. A nutritionist at CDC, Dr. Chloe Barrera said, “It is very important to introduce the [...]

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Over Conscious Pregnancy Feeding Habits Can Lead to Fussy Eaters in New-borns, Research Reveals

While pregnancy cautiousness often makes women to be over selective about their gestation diet, studies have shown that being choosy on foods causes new-borns to be fussy eaters or neophobic. While this comes as a complete paradox of healthy eating habits, doctors have laid emphasis on the amniotic fluid development procedure. The amniotic fluid is a translucent, yellowish solution that covers an unborn baby and resides preliminarily in the amniotic sack. Doctors said, this complex liquid is responsible for providing the first senses of taste and smell to the foetus and its constituents decide a new-born’s feeding affinities. On seeking insight from a renowned medical practitioner, she was heard saying, “15 to 16 weeks post conception, a foetus starts [...]

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Doctors Claim Shoulder Pain to Be a Possible Ectopic Pregnancy Symptom

Extracting statistical surveys from a recent research, doctors have discovered shoulder pains to be a possible symptom of ectopic pregnancy. Considered to be a life-risking ailment among pregnant women which has increased in frequency over the years, this discovery has opened up new-fangled diagnosis opportunities for gynecologists. Ectopic pregnancy, as commonly known, occurs when a fertile egg implants itself anywhere other than the uterus. While the majority of cases occur in the fallopian tube, a segmented number of issues may be cervical, ovarian and abdominal as well. As per eminent medicine practitioners, fertile eggs are not designed to grow in the fallopian tube. Invariably, it causes a fallopian rapture and hence, is also known as tubular pregnancy. Raptures, if [...]

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How Safe Are Baby Food Products? Rachel Lara Dawkins Explains

A recent study conducted by Clean Label Project for a period of 5 months has put up several questions on the safety of baby products. According to their reports, almost 2/3rd of the baby food products contain toxins including arsenic, cadmium, lead and acrylamide. As reported by WXIN, the non-profit organization has taken 500 infant formula samples from 60 leading brands. Now, Rachel Lara Dawkins, M.D. of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives information and a detailed explanation regarding the study and infant food safety. “For parents, it is first essential to understand that something which has been ‘tested positive’ should not be considered as harmful completely,” said Dawkins. Components like arsenic are present naturally in the environment. Hence, [...]

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