How Safe Are Baby Food Products? Rachel Lara Dawkins Explains

A recent study conducted by Clean Label Project for a period of 5 months has put up several questions on the safety of baby products. According to their reports, almost 2/3rd of the baby food products contain toxins including arsenic, cadmium, lead and acrylamide. As reported by WXIN, the non-profit organization has taken 500 infant formula samples from 60 leading brands. Now, Rachel Lara Dawkins, M.D. of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives information and a detailed explanation regarding the study and infant food safety. “For parents, it is first essential to understand that something which has been ‘tested positive’ should not be considered as harmful completely,” said Dawkins. Components like arsenic are present naturally in the environment. Hence, [...]

Latest meta-analysis study gives pregnant women 2 things to lower chances of C-Section

According to a recent meta-analysis report, pregnant women willing for a vaginal birth can take charge of their delivery by eating healthy and exercising during gestation. The study was published in the journal The BMJ on July 19. The report says, “Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy until you do not put on excessive weight. Too much weight gain affects both the mother and the unborn child negatively.” In the United States, C-Sections are epidemic. 1 of every 3 would-be mothers undergoes cesarean delivery. Earlier, researchers estimated, half of these cases are medically not necessary. A previously conducted data on global basis shows half of the women in their childbearing age suffer from obesity. This gestational weight gain puts [...]

Experts are revealing the overlooked causes of early miscarriage women need to understand   

As per a national survey’s report on perceptions regarding miscarriage, most people believe that miscarriage is a very ‘uncommon’ issue. And majority has a minimum understanding of its cause. However, it is the most common cases of pregnancy loss; women suffer from, according to another data revealed by American Pregnancy Association (APA). Out of all, 10-25% of the pregnancies recognized clinically, experience an early miscarriage. With this scary figure, most individuals suffer from feelings of guilt and isolation, more due to lack of understanding. Experts say, “This can further affect the woman’s health negatively. So, it is very important to make all understand the real causes of early miscarriage.” Early miscarriage is a loss of fetus that happens within [...]

Restless leg syndrome is keeping the health of pregnant women at stake

According to National Sleep Foundation, “More than 70% of the children who suffer from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) have got this from their mommies (genetics). If the mother has RLS during pregnancy, there is a fair enough chance that the child will also suffer from the same.” The same research states, “If a child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), he/she faces more severe condition due to RLS.” This research conducted in New York shows that 36% of women during their third trimester show Restless Leg Syndrome. The major problem they face due to this condition is a lack of sleep during the night. Compared to this, pregnant women who did not suffer from RLS have a healthier sleeping [...]

Turned on? – Know when you are at the highest level during pregnancy

With all the hormonal changes happening in your body, you might also feel a change in your libido during pregnancy. While some women might not think of sex with all the morning sickness, nausea, anemia and other symptoms, others might actually feel turned on According to research and analysis, women often experience a heightened perkiness suddenly at the end of their 1st trimester. The urge may occur during the start of your 2nd trimester and continue to remain till its end. As women enter the 2nd phase of their gestation, the nauseous feeling significantly reduces. They experience a heightened breast sensitivity, increased lubrications and blood flow to genitals. Gynecologists say, “This is the last phase in their gestation after which [...]

Research – pregnant – drinking alcohol can effect future generations

Restriction on drinking alcohol is mostly the first recommendation for a would-be mother (especially those who are used to it). While doctors have already stated numerous reasons including FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders before, researchers have recently come up with a new fact. According to a new study, prenatal exposure to ethanol can cause abnormalities in a newborn’s brain and behavior which passes on to their many next generations. Experts say, “Drinking alcohol affects not only the fetus, but also the offspring’s next few generations. People may find adverse outcomes in their grand and great grandchildren.” Despite knowing the common facts, most women continue to drink alcohol (beer, wine or anything) during pregnancy. But scientists have brought to [...]

Exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to lung tissue damage of offspring

A would-be mother's exposure to secondhand smoke during the prenatal phase may lead to major changes in lung function of the offspring. This change in structure and functionality would also continue to their adulthood, which may worse, be a risk for lung cancer. A study was recently conducted by the researchers at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge on mice. The report revealed that exposure to SHS can cause abnormal changes, playing a major role in affecting an unborn child with lung diseases. Giving a brief detail on SHS, experts said, “The smoke produced by any tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars or pipes, that people nearby can inhale is considered as SHS. Again, the exhaled smoke of a smoker is [...]