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Tubal pregnancy

It is important to be alert to an ectopic pregnancy since it can cause severe internal bleeding... In a normal pregnancy the egg is released from the ovary and fertilized in the Fallopian tube. Then it descends into the uterus were it implants in the uterine wall. An ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy occurs in up to 1 in 50 pregnancies and is caused by the fertilized egg attaching to the Fallopian tube instead of the uterine wall as it is supposed to do. This happens due to damage in the Fallopian tube or simply by the egg not being able to reach the uterus. This condition requires immediate medical treatment since it can be life-threatening. It is the [...]

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When to test for pregnancy

Not all pregnancy tests are the same; some are more sensitive than others... The most common sign for women to get tested for pregnancy is when they miss their period. Even so, if you are hopeful (or worried) that you are pregnant you can test earlier. You just have to consider that there are many factors to take into account when deciding when to take a pregnancy test. All the information that you need to take into account at this time is described below so just keep reading. Pregnancy testing Not all pregnancy tests are the same; some are more sensitive than others. This means that the more sensitive the test is, the earlier it will be able to [...]

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Early pregnancy symptoms

A woman who is pregnant will see certain things happening to her that are sure signs that pregnancy has taken place. However, along with these signs are symptoms that she may experience in her body that are often an accompaniment with pregnancy. These symptoms occur as a result of increased hormone levels at this time. Symptoms vary from one pregnant woman to another and not all women will experience them or at all. Nausea and Vomiting... A fairly common symptom of pregnancy is feeling sick in the stomach to the extent that vomiting takes place. This is referred to as morning sickness. Between 50% and 90% of women feel nauseous and wanting to vomit (morning sickness) in the first [...]

Home pregnancy test

Taking a home pregnancy test can actually become nerve racking, especially if you are not even sure that you trust the results. It is worth knowing how to take one and the possible pitfalls of taking one. A pregnancy test is designed to tell if your urine or your blood contains hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is often coined as the pregnancy hormone as it is produced right after an implantation, which is the time when a fertilized egg sticks to the wall of the uterus. This occurs about six days right after fertilization of the egg occurs. Once you become pregnant, your hCG will continue to increase. Are All Home Pregnancy Tests the Same..? All pregnancy [...]

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Conception tips

Thinking about getting pregnant? Ready to start a family? It may not be as easy as it sounds. Below are some helpful conception tips to ease your mind about conceiving. The peak time for fertility for women is in the early twenties, but in today’s fast-paced, career- driven society more women are waiting till later to start a family. The average age today is 30-34 with many women waiting to conceive until their forties. While it is true that having a baby before the age of 35 increases chances of a healthy, full-term pregnancy, women can in fact can have a child in well into their forties if they maintain good health and take proper measures to ensure a [...]

Pregnancy calculator

Use our pregnancy test calculator to calculate your pregnancy... Here at ThePregnancyLab you can use our pregnancy test calculator to calculate your pregnancy. Please keep in mind that the pregnancy calculations that are provided are estimates based on averages. Get access to all your important pregnancy dates like... Conception date First heart beat First move End of first trimester End of second trimester Your due date Your baby´s star sign Enter your details of your pregnancy, fill in your e mail address, and by the time you have taken your next breath - your results will be in your inbox :-) Pregnancy Due Date Calculator + Week by Week Guide Use our pregnancy due date calculator to calculate your [...]

Missed period negative pregnancy test

For many women that have a regular menstrual cycle it can be alarming to be a few days late... For many women that have a regular menstrual cycle it can be alarming to be a few days late. The most common thing to do is to buy a pregnancy test.  If this test is negative you might be confused but it is actually fairly common. This can happen when you are actually pregnant, meaning that this test gave you a false negative. The most common causes for a false negative test are listed below. Low sensitivity of the test. Not all home pregnancy tests are made the same. There are some with worst detection levels than others, meaning that [...]

Pregnancy test

Waiting to find out if pregnancy has taken place can be a very stressful time... For more than one reasons waiting to find out if pregnancy has taken place can be a very stressful time for a woman. Whether it is a case of planned or unplanned pregnancy, this can bring about many emotions, most of all fear, anxiety and excitement. The sooner you find out if you are pregnant, the better it is so you can start making the right decision for you and the baby. Today we are thankful that the wait to find out does not have to be long as a pregnancy test is easily accessible. Importance of Pregnancy Hormone Simply, the pregnancy test is [...]

Early signs of pregnancy

The first and classic early sign of pregnancy is a late or missed period... Whether you deliberately go out to get pregnant, or it is something totally unplanned, the signs of pregnancy are the same, excepting that in the latter case you may miss the cue because you are that anxious. No doubt many women can hardly wait to know if they are pregnant. But do you know what signs to look for?  From very early after conception takes place, you may suspect that it has happened because you are seeing some changes taking place in your body.  Knowing what to look for can take the anxiety out of the whole process. Although the best way to be sure [...]

Pregnancy symptoms

A quick reference guide to pregnancy symptoms... Could I be pregnant? Skipped a period? Morning sickness? Is it pregnancy or the flu? Below we will discuss common pregnancy symptoms to help you determine if you might be expecting. Common pregnancy symptoms Every female in her childbearing years has experienced least one of the common pregnancy symptoms at one point or another, maybe even to the point where it was a full-blown pregnancy scare. Many of the most common pregnancy symptoms are similar to other illnesses so it’s not always easy to do a self-diagnosis. Of course the best way to determine if you are legitimately expecting a child is to see a physician, but why run to the doctor [...]