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Children Born with Assisted Technologies Prone to Greater Risk of Hypertension

Today, there are more than six million children worldwide born through assisted reproductive technologies or the ART. The technology, developed in 1978, thus, helped countless families a chance for happiness. ART methods most commonly involve IVF (in vitro fertilisation) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. That’s according to the University Hospital’s researchers in Bern, Switzerland. Through such processes, gamete and embryo are exposed to various external environmental factors before implanting in the ovary. A Swiss study has been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology about children born through ART. It says that these kids are at a higher risk of developing diseases like arterial hypertension at an early age. They will also suffer from additional cardiovascular complications. [...]

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Put Your Fertility on Hold by Freezing Your Fertile Eggs

Egg freezing – a method that helps women to embrace motherhood only when they are ready to do it! With the advanced technology’s assistance, women can put their fertility on hold by freezing their fertile eggs. Most women opt to preserve their eggs when they are not ready to become pregnant due to various reasons. That may include physical, economic, or psychological factors. They might also consider preserving their eggs if undergoing through any treatment for an illness that may hamper fertility potential in the future. Egg freezing, also known as oocyte preservation, is most beneficial to women diagnosed with severe diseases such as cancer. Women are increasingly adhering to this medical procedure so that; they can bear children when [...]

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Too Much of Iodine Deficiency Leads to Infertility Issues

Low levels of iodine, an essential mineral, may cause infertility problems. It is necessary for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine found in iodized salt, seafood and dairy products helps to regulate metabolism. An under balanced iodine intake halts the much desired pregnancy one has been waiting for. “Women with mild deficiency have a hard time getting pregnant,” said to Dr. James Mill of U.S National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Interplay between nutrition and conception can be observed during fertility studies, according to the experts. Dr. Tomer Singer, Director of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Lenox Hill Hospital said, “Prenatal vitamins are required by patients, at least 3 months before conception.” Most importantly, iodine plays [...]

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Those Fad Diets Can Lower Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Losing weight seems to be everyone’s top priority nowadays. While there may seem to be many quick ways to do so, but in reality some of these can be harmful. Fad diets like, Ketogenic diets, juice cleanses or eating vegan foods only poses a threat to all those women who want to become pregnant in the near future. A woman’s choice of fad diets can be so risky that chances of low fertility affects her body. Such diets are adverse to your health creating unhealthy lifestyles that impact one’s fertility. Chantelle Houghton who rose to fame on Celebrity Big Brother revealed, “I have been diagnosed as infertile due to my extreme dieting tendencies.” Crash dieting ruins chances of having [...]

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Truth behind Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Revealed by Experts

A common myth that often circulates around the ‘new mother’ circles is that one can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding a baby. In fact, there is a condition called lactation amenorrhea which causes postnatal menstrual disruptions during the breast feeding phase. This often leads people to think that they might have become pregnant even when it is impossible. However, Jennifer Wider, a reputed MD clarifies that the condition is a result of prolactin secretion and estrogen suppression, a common condition in postnatal women. Many doctors often advise new mothers to use the Lactation Amenorrhea Method of contraception. This process entails heavy breastfeeding to reduce ovulation and estrogen secretion by increasing prolactin requirement of the body. However, this is no sure [...]

Change Your Lifestyle before Trying to Conceive, Suggest Specialists

Parenthood is indeed a blessing that every couple wishes to be showered upon. Having that junior snuggling in the arms is bliss to experience for them. However, the major responsibility of ensuring the baby’s healthy life begins from the period when a woman tries to conceive, informs experts. It starts from that magical phase when willing-to-be parents plan for a child. According to experts, “Before a couple begins to try for a baby, it is vital to prepare both the mind and the body.” The reason being when a woman conceives, she and her partner pass their genes which create the blueprint for the child’s health in future along with the following next generations. Therefore, ensuring the DNA is [...]

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Gynaes say Coupling FAM with Rhythm Method Escalates Ovulation Accuracies!

The historical Rhythm Method is known for its efficacies in preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as zoning out a safe period for having sexual intercourse. However, recent updates on behalf of medical experts have revealed that its conjunction with FAM or Family Awareness Method can escalate accuracy levels manifold. The modus operandi of Rhythm Method depends on tracking one’s menstrual cycle on a calendar to find out the most conceivable period. According to experts, this not only helps couples to try for successful pregnancies, but also aids them in avoiding unprotected sex during ovulation periods. Talking of FAM and its incorporation into this method, a well-known gynecologist said, “While Rhythm solely depends on tracking ovulation periods using a calendar, [...]

Experts Disclose Five Major Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant

For all those women who are desperately trying to extend their family and welcome a new member, doctors have finally disclosed the reasons for their failure. According to Grace Dugdale, a reproductive biologist, “It’s complicated to produce another human being. However, at times, it seems to be a miracle that a person conceives in reality.” Dugdale explains that - A Woman Is Fertile Enough to Conceive, Only for 6 Days in a Month. Within this small window, around 84% of the couples get pregnant if leading a balanced lifestyle. Around 7 million Americans experience this trouble of infertility due to various factors. The expert informs that certain changes in routine can increase their chances of bringing good news at [...]

Get pregnant faster – medical experts have revealed the secrets

The good news is out for all the women who are planning to be mothers. Recently, medical experts from around the world have put their research work which deduces the assured tips for successful pregnancy. The research on the same got initiated because in the past few years; the rate of failed pregnancy attempts was rising. “Even though women have 500 eggs for ovulation from the ages between 12 and 52, not all are fit or reproducing. Only a fraction of eggs are viable to get pregnant”, said Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, Dr. Alan Copperman. This means with every missed or failed pregnancy, the chances are reducing day by day. The very fertile period in [...]

First signs of pregnancy

Many times a woman does not have to wait long to know if she is pregnant... The missed period is the very tell-tale sign that something is going on inside. Even before a missed period however, many women can sense a difference in their overall feeling or condition. For some, it just slips by as something from another condition. Women who are in tune with their bodies however, will notice the difference by their intuitiveness.  Your readiness for the moment and what could be depends on how badly you want to have a baby, for nothing will miss you. There are certain signs that are an indication that you are pregnant, even before a missed period. Bleeding and Cramping [...]