‘Why Isn’t My Baby Crawling?’ Read These Baby Developmental Answers

Reading one of the numerous books on a baby’s development in the first year will give you an idea concerning all relevant milestones most of them pass. This is, no doubt, a sign of good parenting as the knowledge can help you identify even the smallest problem in your baby’s behavior early on. But you must understand reaching those milestones is not a race. Sometimes, delays are not even considered as a problem!So, let’s know the different developmental stages of a baby for a comprehensive idea. From being a new born that stays still and sleeps for most of the time to a toddler who is always snatching things to put in the mouth and is now a hyperactive baby, [...]

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Childhood Rashes – Learn About Different Types, Causes and Remedies

Pediatric rashes are one of the most common allergic conditions that disturb every parent. Rashes come from the environment. In any case, one needs to avoid these maladies so that one’s child remains healthy and happy. Some childhood rashes are harmless and disappear with time. Others are however, dangerous and need immediate medical treatment to avoid further difficulties. Some of the common rashes that every child suffers through are measles, chicken pox, meningitis, heat allergy, scarlet fever and eczema. Common Rashes in Children – Which is what! Parents need to identify the symptoms of recurrent pediatric rashes at early stages and for that, they must have a clear idea about these infections. Have a look at the most occurring [...]

Baby Brain Gets Real, Says Recent Scientific Research

Previously considered to be a myth, the baby brain concept is now getting a boost as a real phenomenon. Recent study on motherhood conducted by researchers from Deakin University shows that it might be an actual occurrence one of a kind. Pregnancy turns a mother into shadows of her ‘former self’ as the saying goes. But in reality, it might be an exceptional cognitive dissonance of the mother’s mind. Problems like losing focus, failure in concentrating, and forgetting trivial daily chores are some of the few typical side effects of the “mommy brain”. Breaking the myth that baby brain makes a mom’s mind sloppy; scientists are now arguing that it might actually heighten cognitive abilities of reason, empathy and [...]

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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Post Cute Pictures of Twins for the First Time

Social media is presently buzzing with the unusual. Anna Kournikova and her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias have shared pictures of their darling twins for the first time. The couple is usually known for keeping their life private away from the media. The former tennis player gave birth to two adorable babies named Nicholas and Miami last month. Kournikova posted a picture of her kissing her baby boy in her Instagram account with the tag line “My little sunshine”. She seemed to be enjoying the early morning bliss with her precious one. A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on Jan 16, 2018 at 10:48am PST Enrique soon followed up with a picture of him snuggling with his child that [...]

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Kardashians Welcome Kim and Kanye’s Third Child through Surrogacy

Kim Kardashian took the media by storm when she announced the birth of her third child. The adorable baby born through surrogacy has been named West. Both Kim and Kanye are extremely happy with their new junior. A super excited Kim posted on her website exclaiming how happy she was. “She is finally here with me,” gushed the new mom. Kim went on saying how much she is grateful to her surrogate who has made her dream possible and couldn’t thank her enough. She also thanked the doctors and nurses for taking care of her baby all the while making this incident possible. “I have received the best possible gift ever! My children, North and Saint are super excited [...]

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Early Feeding of Solid Foods to Infants May Lead to Health Risks

New mommies probably need to be a little more careful about feeding solid foods to their babies. A research by CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that introducing complementary foods to infants too early may put them at health risks. Experts recommend 6 months of age as the ideal time to begin weaning (shifting them from breast milk to complementary foods). These include baby food, cow’s milk, juice, puree or even water. However, a recent study conducted by a nationally represented group in the US revealed that majority of the infants feed on solid or liquid foods sooner than the recommended time. A nutritionist at CDC, Dr. Chloe Barrera said, “It is very important to introduce the [...]

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How Safe Are Baby Food Products? Rachel Lara Dawkins Explains

A recent study conducted by Clean Label Project for a period of 5 months has put up several questions on the safety of baby products. According to their reports, almost 2/3rd of the baby food products contain toxins including arsenic, cadmium, lead and acrylamide. As reported by WXIN, the non-profit organization has taken 500 infant formula samples from 60 leading brands. Now, Rachel Lara Dawkins, M.D. of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives information and a detailed explanation regarding the study and infant food safety. “For parents, it is first essential to understand that something which has been ‘tested positive’ should not be considered as harmful completely,” said Dawkins. Components like arsenic are present naturally in the environment. Hence, [...]

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The Role of Baby Talk in a Child’s Development

For so many years, people have considered ‘motherese’ or baby talk to be silly or fun, but researchers have recently disclosed its importance. The study has been published in the journal, Cell Biology by researchers at Princeton Baby Laboratory. According to the researchers, “Baby talk is more than simply ‘cooing’ with the baby. It plays a major role in development of the child.” The incomprehensible language with the adults helps the child to grasp all language complexities. It allows them to connect with the people and the world around. The new study has shown that motherese is a ‘universal form of communication’ in different languages, mostly used by mothers. It’s just that mommies use different timbres (tonal quality) while [...]

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Is your baby safe when asleep? Know the way to ensure sleep safety

The increasing number of children’s death due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS reached 1,600 in 2015 in the United States. Of late, according to American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP, SIDS is liable for killing around 3,500 children every year. “Parents need to provide a safer environment for their newborns especially for the first six months while sleeping,” said AAP. Pediatrician Rachel Moon clearly mentioned in one of her interviews that all the babies who died of SIDS were because of an unsafe environment. “With a bit more precaution, all these children would have been alive.” This makes it more important for mothers and children to know about the perfect way to ensure safe sleep for their [...]

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The perfect plan for new moms to lose weight successfully

“No fitness training, diets or gym workout can help shed post pregnancy weight,” commented a fitness trainer. Ideally, a nursing mom needs to intake around 1,800 calories per day to produce healthy milk for the baby. But mom's who are not breastfeeding don’t require those extra calories. In this six months after having a baby in life, experts recommend new mothers to get into a healthy and routine diet. Eileen Behan, a dietician in Portsmouth, comments that “The six months of getting into the routine of diet can build a healthy and good foundation for eating habits.” Once they start to cut off the cravings and extra calories, losing weight will not be very difficult. When asked about what [...]

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