If you have a baby shower coming and you are out of ideas for what gift to get this article is for you…

It can be hard to choose a gift for a baby since there are so many options available. Especially if you have no kids of your own, you might not have a clue about what is appropriate and useful or not, so it is good to get information on the full spectrum of baby products that are suitable for a gift. Of course the choice will also depend on your budget and we will give you ideas having that in mind.

Arrange a baby shower

New baby giftsExpecting moms should all enjoy a baby shower and even if they do not want one it is always nice to give your friend or family member a gift to welcome their baby. You have to consider that this is an important time in the parents’ lives and you should want to support them and show them that you are happy with the new addition to the family. It is always better to give soon-to-be parents useful gifts that they would have to buy otherwise, because having a baby is really expensive and this way you can help out.

Also, make sure that you go along with the parents’ preferences to avoid awkward situations. For example there are some parents that are against pacifiers, that decide only to dress their baby in organic cotton or that are not fond of slings. Therefore you should try to inform yourself on their preferences.

Books and toys

There are some less expensive options such as books or toys. You just have to make sure that they are age-appropriate and safe for the baby. These are gifts that not only entertain but also help the cognitive development of the baby. Most toys are designed for visual and audible stimulation that will allow the baby to develop the areas of the brain responsible for these senses. Look for toys that are for less than 1 year old babies, that have a lot of bright colors, different textures and that make some noise.

A teething toy is also useful for the baby to chew on and to help him develop chewing reflexes. A mobile is also a good option since newborns have limited mobility but enjoy the visual stimulation that the different shapes and colors give while they are laying on the crib. Books should be as baby-friendly as possible, made of thick cardboard or plastic without any sharp edges, anything that will not fall to pieces or hurt him when the baby starts putting everything in his mouth.

Reading to babies is really important for them to develop language skills since they learn to talk mainly by mimicking the adults they hear every day. The colorful pictures will also be eye-catching to the baby since they are attracted to bright colors. There are even some books with different textures associated to pictures of animals or objects that help babies to understand better the world.


Clothing is also a good gift. You can never go wrong with a few bodysuits or cute booties. Just make sure that they are 100 percent cotton and the snap-crotch kind that make changing diapers easier. Booties should not be hard-soled since they are prejudicial to the babies’ feet development.

Diapers and more

There are other essential things that are not so expensive for you to choose as a gift. You can offer a diaper bag that comes already packed with a few diapers, wipes, an outfit, a bottle and a pacifier. Or, you can choose only a diaper bag if you are on a budget. It is important to look for bags that have enough room to accommodate all the baby’s essentials. You can also opt for one that better suits the mom-to-be style since there are a lot of modern, fashionable options to choose from.

Bathing gifts

Baby bath gear is also a good option, since it is not expensive and makes a fun and useful gift. You can buy a baby tub and fill it with the bath time essentials. Throw in baby shampoo and soap, a soft sponge, a cozy hooded towel, and some bath toys. Wrap it all in a package and you have a perfect baby gift.

Sleep time products

The new parents will also enjoy some essential sleep time products. Just avoid blankets and pillows since they can be harmful for the baby. Focus on soft cotton crib bottom sheets that come in a variety of colors and patterns, extra linens are always good when you have a baby. Another economic option is a kit of products to help the baby sleep. Get a basket and fill it with a nightlight, a toy that plays lullabies, some lavender scented candles, and a baby monitor.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors alone are a great gift since they allow parents to be more relaxed and not go into the nursery every five minutes to check on the baby. There are a lot of different options that go from the simple baby monitor, that tells parents when the baby is crying, to the more sophisticated kinds that include motion sensors or video feed.

Cribs and baby slings

If you have some money to splurge, invest in a crib to give, it will be an essential object for first-time baby parents. There are more expensive options if you are willing to spend the extra money. A front carrier or sling is one of the easiest ways to carry a baby around and they love the comfort of being tucked in contact with a parent. They also allow moving the baby with free hands, which is valuable not only when strolling outside, but also while going around the house doing housework. Just be aware that some parents do not like slings so, you should check what the mom-to-be thinks about them before buying one.

Baby entertainment options

A baby bouncy seat is good to keep a newborn entertained and safe. They also help to soothe the baby when he is crying and are particularly helpful if they are battery powered. There are other baby entertainment options such as an activity mat. These pieces of gear include a play mat and a couple of bars that have dangling toys suspended. The toys are usually colorful, make noises and of different shapes and sizes, which stimulates the baby’s brain development.

Spoil the mother to be!

Finally, although most baby showers are all about baby gifts you can consider buying something for the mother to enjoy. Get her a spa day so she can relax, a manicure for you two to go together, a romantic dinner for the parents-to-be or something else to make her feel better. Pregnancy can be a difficult time and she will enjoy a little time off to pamper herself.