There are a few guidelines that you can follow while shopping for baby clothes…

Buying baby clothes can be fun and a relaxing activity for you to do while you are expecting your baby. You just have to keep yourself from buying too many newborn baby clothes since your baby will grow really fast and you will barely get a chance to use all of them. You should buy things at least three months in advance since when your baby comes you will not have much time for shopping.

Baby clothes – the essentials

There are some essentials you should get beforehand for your newborn baby: a coming home outfit, four to seven one-piece bodysuits, two to three pants, three to six T-shirts, a couple of sweaters, five pieces of sleepwear, two to three hats and four to seven socks or booties. While your baby is not walking and you need to change diapers regularly you will see that the most practical things are bodysuits. The snap-crotch T-shirt will become an everyday essential and you cannot have enough of them.

You should carry with you at least two bodysuits when going outside with your baby since they are as easy to change if they get dirty and great for an additional layer when it gets colder. You can leave the tags on the clothes you buy while you are pregnant until you need them, if you receive a lot of similar items as gifts you can return those pieces or exchange for something that you need more.

Shopping on a budget

If you are on a budget you can save money by buying clothes in advance during the seasonal sales. You just cannot go overboard with the shopping or you will end up not using most things that you bought. Just remember that it is hard to predict how big your baby will be and how fast he will grow so you should not buy all clothes for one size.

Try to not buy clothes for after 6 months of age, you can do it later when you know exactly the size of your baby. You also have to consider that by age two babies already have preferences and they might not like everything you buy them so you should not buy only one style. If you have friends or family that had a baby a while ago you can also ask for them to borrow some items since they do not get much use in the first time around.

Guidelines when shopping

There are a few guidelines that you can follow while shopping for baby clothes. You should buy pure cotton fabrics that are soft on your baby’s skin for the first year of life. Just choose clothes with soft tissue and easy to put on and take off, with snap-crotch or side-snaps instead of zippers and buttons.

Always consider when buying a clothing item if it will make it easy to change diapers, especially night-time pieces when you will have less energy to do it. Furthermore, opt for elastic bands instead of buttons when choosing pants. It is also important to pay attention to the fabric composition since they can have irritant chemicals or dyes and babies are very prone to rashes.

Always wash new baby clothes

You have to wash everything you buy before you dress your baby since the clothes can have been in contact with harmful things. When washing baby’s clothes use detergent and softeners that are gentle on the skin and rinse the clothes thoroughly to assure that no detergent remains since it can give your baby a rash. You do not have to fuss about your baby growing faster or slower than the size that the label shows, every brand has different sizes. Your pediatrician is the only one who can determine if your baby is growing normally.

Keep baby warm

Baby clothingIf your baby will spend his first months in the cold winter you might be worried about keeping him warm and cozy, especially when you go outside. You should not keep your baby home during the whole winter, taking a stroll outside will be good for you both. You just have to layer up your baby with thin clothes and top it off with a cozy blanket when going outside. You can for example put a long-sleeved one-piece under a one-piece footed outfit. Fleece pieces are also great to keep your baby warm since they are soft and lightweight but provide good insulation. A cotton sweater is also a good option since it is easy to take off when you arrive to a warmer place.

A good rule to apply when taking your baby outside in the winter is to dress him in one more layer than what you are using since babies loose heat faster than adults. You can also put your stroller windshield on to help to protect the baby’s skin from the cold air. If you want to take your baby playing in the snow you have to focus on warm and waterproof outfits, including mittens, a hat and boots. Your baby will enjoy to experience the texture of snow, just remember to put sunscreen on him since the snow reflects sun rays. On the other hand, when you are inside you should avoid dressing your baby in too many layers since he might overheat.

You can check your baby’s temperature by placing your hand on his tummy or back and it should be warm but not sweaty. When your baby is sleeping it is important to prevent overheating since it increases the risk of SIDS, do this by avoiding blankets and checking if your baby is sweating or flushed.

Simpler and soft is best

When buying clothes for your baby just remember that the simpler the better, soft is the best and do not buy a lot of things of the same size because babies grow fast. Enjoy your time while pregnant to do the shopping for the first six months and ask help from more experienced friends or family when choosing items.