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Find out If Your Weight Gain during Pregnancy is Too Much!

Studies by the US Institute of Medicine recently discovered and updated the pregnancy weight gain limit of women around the world. This was done to ensure healthy mothers and children through mass awareness. While gaining weight during baby’s fetal growth stage is quite normal, experts now suggest that too much could introduce a number of health risks in mothers. Recent guidelines for prenatal weight management are based on body mass index and body weight before pregnancy. For women with BMI less than 18.5, the recommended pregnancy weight gain bracket is around 12.5 to 18 kilograms. Women with BMI range between 18.5 and 24.9 can gain 11.5 to 16 kilograms. BMI up to 24.9 is considered normal by experts while [...]

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Truth behind Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Revealed by Experts

A common myth that often circulates around the ‘new mother’ circles is that one can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding a baby. In fact, there is a condition called lactation amenorrhea which causes postnatal menstrual disruptions during the breast feeding phase. This often leads people to think that they might have become pregnant even when it is impossible. However, Jennifer Wider, a reputed MD clarifies that the condition is a result of prolactin secretion and estrogen suppression, a common condition in postnatal women. Many doctors often advise new mothers to use the Lactation Amenorrhea Method of contraception. This process entails heavy breastfeeding to reduce ovulation and estrogen secretion by increasing prolactin requirement of the body. However, this is no sure [...]

Baby Brain Gets Real, Says Recent Scientific Research

Previously considered to be a myth, the baby brain concept is now getting a boost as a real phenomenon. Recent study on motherhood conducted by researchers from Deakin University shows that it might be an actual occurrence one of a kind. Pregnancy turns a mother into shadows of her ‘former self’ as the saying goes. But in reality, it might be an exceptional cognitive dissonance of the mother’s mind. Problems like losing focus, failure in concentrating, and forgetting trivial daily chores are some of the few typical side effects of the “mommy brain”. Breaking the myth that baby brain makes a mom’s mind sloppy; scientists are now arguing that it might actually heighten cognitive abilities of reason, empathy and [...]

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If Your Due Date is Fast-Approaching, Here’s Your To-Do List!

Besides counting the kicks, making the birth plan and deciding on the junior’s name, would-be mothers have a lot more things to do before they welcome their baby. If you are in the second trimester or third trimester, you can include a few other things in your to-do list to get ready for the baby. First is learning to fold and unfold the pram. With the squirming new-born in arms, it’s quite tricky to deal with the pram. Therefore, mothers can practice using the pram as well as storing it in car boot beforehand. The next thing mothers can do is shop well ahead. It’s not that they cannot visit the supermarket after the baby’s birth, but it would [...]

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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Post Cute Pictures of Twins for the First Time

Social media is presently buzzing with the unusual. Anna Kournikova and her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias have shared pictures of their darling twins for the first time. The couple is usually known for keeping their life private away from the media. The former tennis player gave birth to two adorable babies named Nicholas and Miami last month. Kournikova posted a picture of her kissing her baby boy in her Instagram account with the tag line “My little sunshine”. She seemed to be enjoying the early morning bliss with her precious one. A post shared by 🐾 Anna 🎈Аня (@annakournikova) on Jan 16, 2018 at 10:48am PST Enrique soon followed up with a picture of him snuggling with his child that [...]

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Learn and Deal with the First Trimester of Pregnancy Like an Expert

Becoming a mother is bliss. Every would-be mother out there, Congratulations! The very first few weeks of pregnancy are vital for the mother-to-be. Her body starts changing to make a comfortable home for her baby for the next 9 months! Due to the immense excitement of experiencing something new, it can be a little consuming for the mother in her first trimester of pregnancy. But don’t worry, you’ll get to know all about it so that you buckle up your shoes and get going on this new journey! How does biology explain the first trimester? Usually, by the time a woman comes to know about her pregnancy, she is already more than 1 month pregnant. The first trimester of [...]

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Kardashians Welcome Kim and Kanye’s Third Child through Surrogacy

Kim Kardashian took the media by storm when she announced the birth of her third child. The adorable baby born through surrogacy has been named West. Both Kim and Kanye are extremely happy with their new junior. A super excited Kim posted on her website exclaiming how happy she was. “She is finally here with me,” gushed the new mom. Kim went on saying how much she is grateful to her surrogate who has made her dream possible and couldn’t thank her enough. She also thanked the doctors and nurses for taking care of her baby all the while making this incident possible. “I have received the best possible gift ever! My children, North and Saint are super excited [...]

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What to Eat and What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Kimberley Ann Johnson, nutritionist and bestseller author of The Fourth Trimester reveals a list of things that will be beneficial for pregnant women to eat. In a science backed approach, Johnson says that women should rather follow their cravings than a strict list of food items. Johnson told MyDomain journal, “After being a 20 years vegetarian eater, my pregnancy made me crave for hamburgers and chicken rottiserie. I didn’t stop myself at all and went ahead with it.” The period made her realize a lot about her post natal problems that happened because of low protein and mineral intake. She understood the many benefits of women having a wholesome approach to pregnancy diet rather than focusing on something particular. [...]

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Second Trimester – Prepare Your Body Well for the Honeymoon Period

The second trimester - before anything, take a look at Clara’s life!  Clara was overjoyed! She was in her second trimester of pregnancy (14th week) and the doctor had confirmed it to be a girl. She and Marc had always wanted a girl to grace their family first. Finally, she could go shopping for her maternity clothes and plan out the nursery. However, there was additional news too. Though she was regular with her exercise routine, Omega 3 content in her body was below normal range – she had to increase her consumption. So, are you nervous, as you too approach your second trimester? Well, there’s nothing to worry! During the usual 42 week gestation period – this second [...]

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Khloe Kardashians’ Heart-Melting Pregnancy News Stirs the World

The media has been in uproar since Khloe Kardashian spoke about her upcoming baby on 15th January. The popular T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians showed a glimpse of this heart touching news when an emotional Khloe said: “I am pregnant.” Holding up her positive test result, Khloe glowed with warmth as she first told her assistant Alexa Royle. Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s partner, heard from her over FaceTime and was overwhelmed with the news. “I asked her if she was kidding?” Thompson said. Khloe and Thompson waited for the big barbeque party that the Kardashians were going to have later on. Both their families were present at the party when the soon to become parents stood up in [...]

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