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‘Why Isn’t My Baby Crawling?’ Read These Baby Developmental Answers

Reading one of the numerous books on a baby’s development in the first year will give you an idea concerning all relevant milestones most of them pass. This is, no doubt, a sign of good parenting as the knowledge can help you identify even the smallest problem in your baby’s behavior early on. But you must understand reaching those milestones is not a race. Sometimes, delays are not even considered as a problem!So, let’s know the different developmental stages of a baby for a comprehensive idea. From being a new born that stays still and sleeps for most of the time to a toddler who is always snatching things to put in the mouth and is now a hyperactive baby, [...]

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Unleash the Facts about Antenatal Depression during Pregnancy

Overwhelming emotions, mood swings and fleeting are common during pregnancy. However, not necessarily these pregnancy symptoms will constitute the colloquial pregnancy-blues. There’s something more to it as well. It’s called antenatal depression; a clinical condition having the potential to disrupt the ability of pregnant women from functioning normally. So, what is antenatal depression? Antenatal a.k.a prenatal depression is a form of clinical depression that may affect a woman during pregnancy. A large mass tends to be aware of postnatal depression (PND), hence ignore this phase as a temporary bumpy-ride of emotions. However, if not given proper attention, it can be harmful to both the mother and unborn child. Given the general lack of awareness of antenatal depression, here are [...]

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Children Born with Assisted Technologies Prone to Greater Risk of Hypertension

Today, there are more than six million children worldwide born through assisted reproductive technologies or the ART. The technology, developed in 1978, thus, helped countless families a chance for happiness. ART methods most commonly involve IVF (in vitro fertilisation) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. That’s according to the University Hospital’s researchers in Bern, Switzerland. Through such processes, gamete and embryo are exposed to various external environmental factors before implanting in the ovary. A Swiss study has been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology about children born through ART. It says that these kids are at a higher risk of developing diseases like arterial hypertension at an early age. They will also suffer from additional cardiovascular complications. [...]

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Getting Morning Sickness without Being Pregnant? Why!

Feeling nauseous and ‘liable to vomiting’ even at the slightest provocation in the morning, is what a pregnant mother expects. All the kiths and kins start to rally around, thinking about the well-being of the expectant mothers. But, all that glitters is not always gold! What if one experience the same without being pregnant? A fine difference first entails to be sorted out. Women without being pregnant can also feel morning sickness, but in this case, it’s called morning nausea. [P.S. This can happen to a man too!] Despite having a perfectly good night’s sleep, generally, women wake up with overwhelmingly nauseated, dizzy feeling. Going by the following hours, the vomit reflex goes off the chart. So, if you are [...]

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Put Your Fertility on Hold by Freezing Your Fertile Eggs

Egg freezing – a method that helps women to embrace motherhood only when they are ready to do it! With the advanced technology’s assistance, women can put their fertility on hold by freezing their fertile eggs. Most women opt to preserve their eggs when they are not ready to become pregnant due to various reasons. That may include physical, economic, or psychological factors. They might also consider preserving their eggs if undergoing through any treatment for an illness that may hamper fertility potential in the future. Egg freezing, also known as oocyte preservation, is most beneficial to women diagnosed with severe diseases such as cancer. Women are increasingly adhering to this medical procedure so that; they can bear children when [...]

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Too Much of Iodine Deficiency Leads to Infertility Issues

Low levels of iodine, an essential mineral, may cause infertility problems. It is necessary for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine found in iodized salt, seafood and dairy products helps to regulate metabolism. An under balanced iodine intake halts the much desired pregnancy one has been waiting for. “Women with mild deficiency have a hard time getting pregnant,” said to Dr. James Mill of U.S National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Interplay between nutrition and conception can be observed during fertility studies, according to the experts. Dr. Tomer Singer, Director of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Lenox Hill Hospital said, “Prenatal vitamins are required by patients, at least 3 months before conception.” Most importantly, iodine plays [...]

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Multivitamins & Folic Acid Consumption in Pregnancy Lowers Rate of Autism

Extracting statistical data from a recent survey conducted by Stephen Z. Levine, Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, Israel, - multivitamins and folic acid intake by mothers during pregnancy has shown positive effects on children by reducing chances of autism. Though this research is at a very nascent stage, however, Dr Levine stated that, “A disorder like autism is heterogeneous and certain environmental factors are also associated with it. Hence, before finalizing certain details, further research is required.” The report that has been prepared is based on data collected on 26th January, 2015 – which gives a detailed accounting of 45,300 children who were tested between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2007. This data was prepared [...]

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Those Fad Diets Can Lower Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Losing weight seems to be everyone’s top priority nowadays. While there may seem to be many quick ways to do so, but in reality some of these can be harmful. Fad diets like, Ketogenic diets, juice cleanses or eating vegan foods only poses a threat to all those women who want to become pregnant in the near future. A woman’s choice of fad diets can be so risky that chances of low fertility affects her body. Such diets are adverse to your health creating unhealthy lifestyles that impact one’s fertility. Chantelle Houghton who rose to fame on Celebrity Big Brother revealed, “I have been diagnosed as infertile due to my extreme dieting tendencies.” Crash dieting ruins chances of having [...]

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Probiotics Lowers Risks of Unwanted Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy can have certain adverse outcomes which affect a mother’s health. During those nine months, many women suffer from complicacies that often results in miscarriage, pre-eclampsia or pre-term birth. However, a new research has suggested that probiotics in women can reduce these risks of pregnancy complications. One needs to take precautions so that such consequences don’t take place. Pre-eclampsia can occur during the 20th week of pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure and abundant protein formation in the urine. Severe eclampsia disrupts the placenta’s ability to intake oxygen and nutrients for the growing fetus eventually harming the baby’s development. This escalates the risk of suffering from chronic seizures which may harm an affected mother’s well-being. A mother’s diet influences [...]

Childhood Rashes – Learn About Different Types, Causes and Remedies

Pediatric rashes are one of the most common allergic conditions that disturb every parent. Rashes come from the environment. In any case, one needs to avoid these maladies so that one’s child remains healthy and happy. Some childhood rashes are harmless and disappear with time. Others are however, dangerous and need immediate medical treatment to avoid further difficulties. Some of the common rashes that every child suffers through are measles, chicken pox, meningitis, heat allergy, scarlet fever and eczema. Common Rashes in Children – Which is what! Parents need to identify the symptoms of recurrent pediatric rashes at early stages and for that, they must have a clear idea about these infections. Have a look at the most occurring [...]