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Flying during pregnancy is safe, declares medical experts

Flying during pregnancy is not a ‘No’ anymore. “Rather, going for a Babymoon is good for the to-be mother to have some relaxing time and prepare for the forthcoming days of sleepless nights”, comments a medical expert. Earlier, flying during pregnancy was a strict no owing to the several concerns that used to arise in mind. However, if one takes proper care while travelling, there are hardly any chances of mishap. Doctors suggest that travelling during the second trimester is the safest and the best. By that time, the chances of miscarriage and the uncanny morning sickness reduces a lot. However, they also suggest a natal massage after reaching the destination as that will keep their blood circulation perfect. In [...]

Get pregnant faster – medical experts have revealed the secrets

The good news is out for all the women who are planning to be mothers. Recently, medical experts from around the world have put their research work which deduces the assured tips for successful pregnancy. The research on the same got initiated because in the past few years; the rate of failed pregnancy attempts was rising. “Even though women have 500 eggs for ovulation from the ages between 12 and 52, not all are fit or reproducing. Only a fraction of eggs are viable to get pregnant”, said Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, Dr. Alan Copperman. This means with every missed or failed pregnancy, the chances are reducing day by day. The very fertile period in [...]

New mommy Serena Williams gets first congratulations from Beyoncé

Beyoncé and Serena became even closer than before after Serena received her first to-be-new-mommy congratulations post from Beyoncé. A true ‘Formation’ of a stronger friendship. Beyoncé spread her love and charm on Serena’s Vogue Pregnancy Photo shoot picture. The picture of Serena in a cream slit gown and a beautiful baby bump with Beyoncé text on the side “Congratulations Serena” did work like magic amongst fans and followers in Instagram. The multi-Grammy winner and mother of three seems to be exclusively active when it comes to congratulating people on welcoming their new ones. She was also among the firsts who congratulated Sir Carter and Rumi on their post about their going to start journey of parenthood. Interestingly, Beyoncé wished [...]

5 celebrity mommies breaking all post-pregnancy body stereotypes

Celebrity moms are now setting NEW goals to eradicate body shame feeling like a pro. These celebrities have been very active about the changing prototype of the body and how to embrace it. Their setting of examples is now helping many to live in their own skin without feeling shy or down. According to Daily Mail research, more than 79% of the women are depressed about their post pregnancy bodies. Moreover, it takes around 547 days for a women to get back into the zone and feel like a woman again. Unlike most of the advertised post pregnancy bodies, these celebs are showing their uneven, bloated, saggy body type and keeping it real. Peta Murgatroyd Peta Murgatroyd said, “When [...]

A toddler’s physical development – is a balanced diet necessary?

Physical development - why do you think a balanced diet is necessary for children as young as 1 to 2 years? That’s because their body is undergoing rapid physical development and hence, needs each nutrient in an equalized proportion. Moreover, training children to eat healthy with occasional breaks in junk food is imperative for leading a healthy life! You might wonder – is it really necessary to maintain a balanced diet for kids at such young age? Well, yes. It is rather compulsory because the toddler has just learned to walk, is highly active all day long and is growing in centimeters every week. A complete nutritious meal is, therefore, vital to complement their rapid physical development. Also, approximately [...]

5 factors influencing a child’s social development in early childhood!

Various factors like family, friends, school, extracurricular activities, cultural and religious communities have an impact on a child’s social development. To ensure that a kid acquires appropriate social skills and behaviors, a parent must take care of these different factors. Growing up in negative surroundings will have adverse effects on his/her behavior and personality. A child’s social development in early childhood Early childhood is the age between 2 and 7 years. It is the most crucial stage for forming various social and emotional bonds. To ensure a positive social development, it is imperative for parents or caregivers to maintain a healthy physical, social and emotional surrounding for the child. Otherwise, a child is likely to acquire a negative perspective [...]

10 diy activities to develop fine motor skills of young kids!

Fine motor skills are essential in the development of toddlers. As they grow up, these skills will improve their muscle coordination in body. There are some fun and easy DIY activities which will improve the skills in toddlers effectively. Fine motor skills, the beginning of your kid’s development. From a young age, it is important that toddlers train their small muscles to coordinate. This is also known as dexterity, which continues to develop intelligence at every stage of their growth. It indicates the importance of developing fine motor in young kids or toddlers. What do these motor skills involve? Fine motor involves coordination of small muscles like fingers, wrist, hand, toes, feet, eye level, etc. These may sound very [...]

Know more about your child’s gross motor skills development?

Developing strong muscles is very important for toddlers or kids. It helps to improve their body structure, strength and personality traits too. This is why; parents must encourage their little ones in doing different activities that will enhance their gross motor skills from an early age. As a parent, there’s an unsaid yet universal responsibility to develop your child with stronger structural and functional growth. This growth can only happen when the fine skills of muscle are working in accordance. Gross motor skills are one such important thing that helps children develop stronger and better muscle coordination between hands, legs, fingers, arms, etc. It involves the large muscles and strengthens the body by increasing stability, head to toe control [...]

5 Q&A’s to understand a child’s emotional development

Emotional development in children has major significance in shaping their personality and approach in society. It is for parents to know and understand the crucial questions for helping children in developing their specific skills of emotional growth. It can sound a little vague and irrational as many parents still believe that their child is ‘too young’ for any emotional growth. If you are thinking the same, let’s break the ice and clear the cloud of thought – emotional growth and progress start in a child as soon as they start recognizing people and understand things around them. This can start from as early as 2 years of age. To understand thoroughly, there are certain things that you must have [...]

Your child’s cognitive development

Even though apparently difficult to trace, a toddler develops his mental abilities rapidly after the first year. Apart from nourishment, they are ways and activities that can enhance an infant’s cognitive development. It is by catering to his/her various special needs through each stage, you can you boost his mental development. Boosting a toddler’s cognitive development through easy plays and tricks! Physical development is easy to spot in infants and toddlers, but tracing his/her cognitive development requires closer attention. As important it is to feed the baby properly for a healthy bodily growth, it is equally essential to pay careful attention to the toddlers mental growth. Food, of course, has a huge role to play in it, for without [...]