It was back on November 30, an adorable couple of Hollywood, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher gave birth to their 2nd child, Dimitri Portwood. Their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle is 2 years old now. However, in a recent interview with Ryan Seacreast on his show, Kutcher revealed, Dimitri was not the name he and his wife decided initially.

As the doting father disclosed, “My wife and I were all set for Walt, somewhat like Walt Disney. No, it wasn’t Walter, just Walt. But then, we both decided to change it at the last minute.”

Ashton Kutcher - Mila Kunis

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Ashton Kutcher went on revealing the story behind the name Dimitri and shared it during his appearance on the show, On Air with Ryan Seacreast. On questioning further about this last minute change, the 39-year-old Punk’d star said, it was his 33-year-old beautiful wife who did so.

Along with an alteration in their plans, Mila ended up with a very interesting prediction that, of course, came true. Once while driving, “Mila turned to me and said, I don’t think, Walt is the right name for our son. I think Donald Trump would be the next US President and our son’s name is Dimitri.”

And that’s the entire story behind this name. The would-be-father didn’t believe his wife. Missing the whole point of naming the baby, he was more surprised to hear her Trump prediction. “I was like – what are you talking about? Donald Trump would not be the US President”, said Kutcher.

However, he agreed to his wife 2 days later when he remembered what she said.

Hawkeye was also on the list. Ashton joked that he wished to name his son Hawkeye, but it got knocked out. The superstar explained, “It’s Dimitri as she called it. Everything she says is right as she’s my wife.”      

The couple first met each other in 1998 on the sets of That ‘70s Show and exchanged the vows in July 2015.