Your baby is developing at a fast pace as she gets ready to be born…

If you are not preparing for the inevitable, what you are experiencing at 33 weeks pregnant will certainly drive you into action. As the mother, you should be looking forward to the end just as much as baby is getting revved up to come out to greet the world.

Baby’s growth at 33 weeks pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant your baby is developing fast. This tiny thing has packed on ½ a pound more in the last week and she is weighing about 4 ½ pounds now. Your baby has stretched a bit more and she should be between seventeen and nineteen inches long. She is looking more like the baby that you will hold in your arms because she has filled out some more with the fat that she has been putting on. Having gotten so much bigger inside you, the amniotic fluid that surrounds her is getting significantly low. That will cause you to feel her pokes and kicks more sharply than in previous weeks.

The bones of the baby’s skeleton have gotten harder excepting those of her head where they remain soft. Her bones that make up her skull have not fused together either but instead are able to move and overlap. Her soft head remains so she can easily push through the birth canal without any problem. In fact, the bones of her head will not entirely fuse together until early adulthood as this allows the brain tissues to grow and expand as she moves through infancy and childhood. That’s a smarter individual for you.  This is amazing stuff.

Your baby could be turning

33 weeks pregnantBy this your baby may have turned in a head down position as she readies herself for birth. For especially first time moms, the baby’s head pushes down firmly into the cervix. Second time moms may have this occurring later on in the pregnancy or just before birth. Some babies do not turn but instead remains in the same upward position. This is called a breeched position especially if the turn does not happen up to the time of delivery. The midwife or doctor could try manually to turn the baby’s head down. But if this does not happen, you may decide to have a cesarean section for a safer birth.

Here’s a mighty huge milestone that your baby has reached. She is developing her own immune system as antibodies are being passed from mother to baby. Antibodies are protein cells that the body produces to fight diseases caused from elements such as viruses and bacteria. Your baby’s body will need this fighting ability right from birth as she will start encounter germs as soon as she gets out. She is now better able to differentiate between day and night as she closes her eyes in sleep as we do at the appropriate time. If only she will remember this when she is born, many moms would not have to worry.

Mom at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Weeks pregnantAt 33 weeks pregnant your tummy has certainly grown bigger, what with an increase in baby weight and fluid retention. You may at this stage find that you are waddling and moving somewhat clumsily, bumping into chairs and other objects. You see, your baby’s weight is pulling you, therefore shifting your center of gravity. Don’t worry; only be careful especially when you travel away from home.

Insomnia is common among pregnant women in their third trimester. Three-quarters of mothers to be are not able to sleep for more than one reason. Leg cramps, having to run to the bathroom so often, heartburn, and hormonal changes all add to the string of causes for your lack of sleep. Furthermore, you have not thrown in all that anxiety you are feeling, thinking about the baby’s birth, and trying to determine if everything is in place. Be mindful, however, that your body needs rest for the baby to grow.

Sleep is very important

At 33 weeks pregnant you could try to improve on your sleep by taking a warm bath and drinking some warm milk before going to bed.  Avoid physical activities such as exercise and eating and drinking close to bedtime. Probably, you could instead put your lack of sleep time to good use by reading a book, or listening to soothing music until you become sleepy.

You may also experience other common symptoms of pregnancy at this stage. For one, your baby may feel she is running out of room and is still trying to bump her way around. So the kicks may be coming harder and sharper. Probably you need to pay attention by counting kicks. Count to see how many kicks occur in an hour. If you have less than ten, have a snack and some juice and see if there are changes. Any change that indicates less than normal movements should be reported to your doctor immediately.

You may also suffer from round ligament pain, a sharp ache that you will feel when you try to change position. This should not be serious and will not continue. If the pain however occurs with fever, chills and bleeding, consult your doctor right away. Varicose veins will get more pronounced and probably more unsightly. There is nothing to worry for this as they most likely will go away after birth.

Rapid nail growth at 33 weeks pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant you will see your nails growing faster and requiring frequent manicure. This is a natural occurrence, excepting that oftentimes nails get brittle. If you have brittle nail problems, get some biotin in your diet, a supplement that is safe to take in pregnancy. Lots of banana, avocados, whole grain and nuts will also improve the look of your nails.

Shortness of breath is the order of the day and you may long to breathe normally. Your baby is pushing up into your diaphragm making breathing difficult. Try to stand straight whenever you get up. Probably you could also straighten your back, and relieve the pressure on the torso. Pregnancy brain is real and can follow you into the period after birth. This is an occurrence when pregnant moms in their third trimester tend to become forgetful.

What you could do this week

Clothes that you bought for your new baby may have irritants in the fabric. Baby’s skin will be sensitive at birth. Wash them with a soft and gentle detergent this week. You may be among the 77% of mothers who will breastfeed after birth. This may be a good time to sign up for breastfeeding class or you could watch a video to better able to carry out this function successfully. Knowing for example how to ensure your baby latches on correctly is important for you and baby.

Have you already checked out your stay at the hospital where you will have your baby?  Probably this is a good time to find out their policy about you and baby rooming together. You’ll probably want to take a portrait of your newborn. Make arrangements for this and pack a soft cuddly teddy bear, a specially bought blanket, and going out outfit for baby.

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