Probably at this time you love what you are feeling…

You are 29 weeks pregnant and moving to the day of your delivery. Despite the discomforts that generally come with pregnancy at this stage, you are only mindful of the joy of going to have a baby.

How your baby is growing

29 weeks pregnantAt 29 weeks pregnant your baby is getting closer to the 3 pounds mark, about the size of a butter squash. She is certainly within the range of the 2 ½ pounds that she weighed last week. She is stretching in length also as she is about 15 – 17 inches long from head to toes.

During this week your baby’s skin is smoothing out and does not look as wrinkly as before. Apart from the brown fat that developed under her skin in the previous trimesters, she is now putting on white fat. Brown fat is produced to regulate the baby’s body temperature while in the womb, while white fat gives the energy that is needed to be active. This is one reason you will feel a bit more kicks as she develops.

The kicking season

Talking about kicks, your baby’s room is getting a bit more cramped as she gets bigger. This is going to cause you to feel some jabs and pokes as she elbows her way around. Additionally, she has gotten bigger and stronger, so she will definitely be more active and the kicks more pronounced. To add to this, she is responding to all types of stimuli from sound, light, movements and food that come from the outside. When the kicks get frequent you have every right to take some rest.

At 29 weeks pregnant your baby’s head would have expanded to a good size in order to accommodate her growing brain. Her muscles and lungs are getting more mature, preparing her to be able to breathe at birth. The area of the vagina is forming out and the clitoris is now more prominent. If you were told that your baby was a boy, his testicles will descend from near the kidneys into the groin area closer to the scrotum until near birth.

To show how much your baby is progressing, she is losing the Vernix Caseosa. This is that waxy substance that protects her from the effects of the amniotic fluid in the womb.  Similarly, the lanugo, fine downy hair that covered her whole body in the first two trimesters is fast disappearing. Her eyes are more focused and if birth should take place at this time, she would be able to see your face up close. Earlier in the pregnancy, buds for baby teeth would have been formed. Now buds for more permanent teeth start to appear.

Mom at 29 weeks pregnant

Weeks pregnantWhile mom is blossoming in her 29th week, you may still be feeling the discomforts associated with pregnancy though most would have worn off by this. But by this you have settled well into your state and dismissing some of the inevitable symptoms. Your belly may have gotten so large you cannot see your feet anymore. About 40% of mothers may get varicose veins, swollen blood vessels caused from the increased blood volume during the pregnancy and pressure on the pelvic veins that run to your feet. They are not usually cause for concern and they will disappear after you have given birth.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks that appeared on your belly and thighs earlier may increase as you get larger. You may also earn some common symptoms, constipation being one of them. Pregnancy hormones relax your muscles and food moves through your system slower than usual. This gets worse because of the pressure of the uterus on the rectum. To relieve this symptom, eat live culture yogurt with the probiotic acidophilus bacteria that aids digestion and causes bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids can be a nuisance, especially when they accompany constipation. Blood vessels in the rectum become swollen due to the pressure brought on by the expanding uterus. Hemorrhoids can be quite painful. Try some relief by soaking in a sitz bath or applying cold compresses medicated with witch hazel to the affected area.

At 29 weeks pregnant your brain does get a little foggy also, causing lapses in memory and giving life to the term “pregnancy brain”. Do not worry about this temporary symptom as the condition could get worse. As if that is not enough, there is the condition of supine hypotensive syndrome. This is a change in your heartbeat and blood pressure caused from lying flat on your back. When this occurs you will start feeling dizzy. Reduce the effects by lying on your side instead and get up slowly when you try to stand.

What you could do this week

You will do well to ramp up your nutrition intake to feed your baby’s nutritional needs at this time.  Eat foods rich in folic acid, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and protein for cell development. If you have not done so already you could go shopping for items that you and baby will need. tThis is something you will not be able to do closer to the time of delivery. So get your diapers and wipes, laundry detergent, baby care items such as nail clippers and thermometer, and sanitary pads for you (you know you will bleed for a few weeks). You may want to say thanks to some special persons so get some cards and stamp.

Do not forget how beneficial exercise can be and perhaps this is the time to do some light workout. Just about 30 minutes a day of low-impact exercise can boost your energy level and improve your mood that is often affected by the action of hormones on the brain cells. Some exercise could also help to reduce back pain brought on by the relaxed muscles and tendons. Go walking, swimming or do some yoga. Lastly, do some kick counts to determine how often your baby kicks. For each time you count, you should get at least 10 kicks in an hour. If kicks do not seem to be what they should, it is time to consult your doctor.

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