23 weeks pregnant – what happens when you reach this stage of your pregnancy…

You will find that your weight is steadily increasing now that you have reached 23 weeks pregnant. Thus, it is important to eat healthily, as this will help you feel fuller for longer and will prevent hunger pangs in between your meals. You still need extra calories as you enter the third trimester of the pregnancy. However, this is best taken from nutritious foods rather than junk and sugary snacks. Aside from this, there are other pregnancy symptoms that you will experience once you reach the 23rd week of your pregnancy.

Mom at 23 weeks pregnant…

Since your baby bump is putting more strain on your back, backache will start to become intense. To prevent this from aggravating, it is important that you keep an eye on your posture. Moreover, if you are sitting all day, it is ideal to use a comfortable chair and take regular breaks to stretch your legs.

Dealing with skin discolorations

23 weeks pregnantSkin discolorations will become more evident when you reach week 23 of your pregnancy. In fact, a common emblem of pregnancy, which is the linea nigra or dark line, will become more visible by the day. This runs between the belly button and the pubic area. This is caused the increased production of pregnancy hormones. In addition to this skin discoloration, you will also notice that your areola will sport a darker shade and your freckles will have a deeper tone. There are some women who develop chloasma or pregnancy mask. This is a discoloration on the face, usually occurring on the nose, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. There is no need to worry about these discolorations as they usually fade a few months after giving birth. A quick fix for this is to make use of a concealer.

Fetal activity and movements

At 23 weeks pregnant, you may already be getting used to feeling your baby’s movements in your womb. You should cherish every kick as they get more pronounced and powerful day by day. When your baby starts to kick, you should find a comfortable position. Your baby’s movements can become rather painful sometimes if your baby starts kicking you on your ribs, abdomen or cervix.

Bloating and indigestions

If you cannot seem to shake the feeling that you have eaten too much then you are probably experiencing the effects of progesterone. This hormone can actually cause the gastrointestinal tracks to relax, resulting to a slow digestion process. This process ensures that the nutrients have more time to enter your bloodstream and reach your growing baby. To keep things moving, however, you should consider drinking more water.

Snoring and sleep disruptions

This is a common as well as an annoying pregnancy symptom at 23 weeks pregnant, which can disrupt your sleep as well as your partner’s sleep. This symptom is due to the presence of nasal congestion, which is caused by swollen mucous membranes and your extra weight. An ideal way to alleviate this symptom is through wearing a nasal strip when you do to sleep. Another way to resolve the symptom is to run a warm mist humidifier in your bedroom at night.

Forgetfulness and your pregnancy brain

Forgetfulness is a common pregnancy symptom that is associated with pregnancy hormones. This is often termed as Pregnancy Brain. Since this completely normal and temporary, you can try to laugh this off. You should refrain from being too hard on yourself when you forget something.

Bleeding gums and tingling hands

Bleeding gums is quite common at 23 weeks of a pregnancy. However, this can occur intermittently throughout the pregnancy period. Pregnancy hormones inflame mucous membranes, resulting to bleeding gums. To resolve this symptom, you should try to reduce irritation to your gums. To do this, you should avoid chewy sweets. Moreover, you should brush and floss regularly and never forget to visit your dentist at least once when you are pregnant.

Since swelling during pregnancy can actually place pressure on the nerves on your wrists and hands, an aching as well as tingling sensation can present itself. This symptom is often associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are working at a computer, you should take frequent breaks to stretch your hands. Moreover, when working, you should make sure that your wrists are straight and that your elbows are positioned lower than your hands.

Learning how to relax

Weeks pregnantIf you are often feeling nervous about everything related to your current pregnancy, you should consider learning how to relax. At 23 weeks, this is a great time for you to learn soothing relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques will not only help you cope with the labor and delivery processes but this will also ease up your pregnancy worries. For instance, taking a yoga class is a wonderful activity for you at this stage of the pregnancy. You can simply meditate and relax even at the comforts of your own home. If you do not have the time to enroll in a yoga class, you can simply do some relaxation in your own home. Moreover, learning the skill and art of proper deep breathing exercises will also help you with alleviating your nervousness.

Your baby’s growth at the 23rd week of your pregnancy

At 23 weeks pregnant, your baby will already measure 11 inches long. In addition, he or she will weigh just over a pound. At the same time, the blood vessels of your baby’s lungs are already developing to make sure that your baby is prepared for breathing during delivery. His or her sense of hearing will pick up every sound coming from the outside world. Thus, it is a great time to play some music and talk to your baby. Your baby’s bones and organs are visible through his or her skin. Once your baby’s fat deposits will start to settle in, he or she will become less transparent, as your child prepares for his or her birth.

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