Frequent Urination

Effectively Dealing with Frequent Urination during Pregnancy Frequent urination is considered a pregnancy symptom that no pregnant woman enjoys.  However, this is also considered as one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy which starts early in the first three months of the pregnancy and gets bad in the last three months of the pregnancy. What Causes Frequent Urination during Pregnancy? Frequent urination during pregnancy is mainly caused by the increased blood flow to the pregnant woman’s kidneys. The extra blood flow makes the kidneys produce up to 25 percent more urine soon after conception. The increased urine production peaks at nine to 16 weeks of the pregnancy. Aside from the increase in blood flow, frequent urination during pregnancy [...]

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Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes during Pregnancy – How to Relieve Them

Hot flashes or hot flushes are a common pregnancy symptom. In fact, this affects more than 80 percent of pregnant women at some stage of their pregnancy. Some pregnant women, however, start having them as early as several weeks after conception. This pregnancy symptom can start right away after conception. In fact, some pregnant women identify hot flashes as one of the earliest ones that appear when they are pregnant. However, this symptom is not that common and should not be considered a reliable determinant of a pregnancy. Further tests should be initiated to confirm the pregnancy. You can also look out for other signs of pregnancy like sore breasts, spotting and abdominal cramps. How Does a Hot Flash [...]

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Experts Disclose Five Major Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant

For all those women who are desperately trying to extend their family and welcome a new member, doctors have finally disclosed the reasons for their failure. According to Grace Dugdale, a reproductive biologist, “It’s complicated to produce another human being. However, at times, it seems to be a miracle that a person conceives in reality.” Dugdale explains that - A Woman Is Fertile Enough to Conceive, Only for 6 Days in a Month. Within this small window, around 84% of the couples get pregnant if leading a balanced lifestyle. Around 7 million Americans experience this trouble of infertility due to various factors. The expert informs that certain changes in routine can increase their chances of bringing good news at [...]

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Pregnancy cravings

Many things happen to the woman when she is pregnant and they seem normal and natural. But when you develop a craving for some of the most unusual foods or items, then this is weird. How often does one eat, or greater, crave for cottage cheese wraps with sunflower seeds? Or who ever heard of anyone drinking liters of tomato juice. If you become pregnant you may be asking for something stranger. What are pregnancy cravings? Pregnancy cravings are a huge compulsion to eat some kind of foods. Oftentimes it is a weird combination that you or anyone would never consider eating generally. It is a longing to the point of fantasizing about eating a particular food. Approximately half [...]

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Andy Murray and His Wife in Cloud 9 with Their Second Bundle of Joy

Sir Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears are presently in cloud 9. The couple is celebrating their second bundle of joy – a girl - an angel again. The good news came in less than 24 hours after the world’s no. 16 tennis player finished a match against Roger Federer in one charity tennis event held at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow. Andy played for the first time in public (around 11,000 fans present at the event held on Tuesday) since he had suffered a hip injury and was in a recovery period. The announcement of the couple expecting their second child came this year in July, right before Wimbledon. Now, it’s been reported that they have welcomed their younger [...]

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How Safe Are Baby Food Products? Rachel Lara Dawkins Explains

A recent study conducted by Clean Label Project for a period of 5 months has put up several questions on the safety of baby products. According to their reports, almost 2/3rd of the baby food products contain toxins including arsenic, cadmium, lead and acrylamide. As reported by WXIN, the non-profit organization has taken 500 infant formula samples from 60 leading brands. Now, Rachel Lara Dawkins, M.D. of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives information and a detailed explanation regarding the study and infant food safety. “For parents, it is first essential to understand that something which has been ‘tested positive’ should not be considered as harmful completely,” said Dawkins. Components like arsenic are present naturally in the environment. Hence, [...]

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Breast Tenderness

If you can remember when your period is near how tender your breasts could get, then you’re close to understanding what it is like to have tender breasts during pregnancy. Breast tenderness is one of the telltale signs that you are pregnant and quite different from that of the period. It is a time when you will pay more attention to them. It is one of the several changes to the breast that you will experience during pregnancy. What Breast Tenderness Really Feels Like As soon as you become pregnant, your breasts like other parts of your body begin to go through some changes. Your breasts will feel fuller, and you will notice that your nipples are firmer and [...]

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Kylie Jenner Denies Her Pregnancy as Tampons Hint the Same

After weeks of pregnancy speculations, the ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’ celebrity Kylie Jenner (20) finally spilled the beans. Last week, Jenner denied the rumors and twitted that the pictures of her pregnancy were photoshopped by the publication. It was Daily Mail’s photographers who first took a picture of Kylie wearing baggy clothes while she was on her way to her mother’s 62nd birthday. According to the tabloid’s report, the youngest daughter of the famous family was looking competitively heavier in the right areas. However, in reply to her claim, Daily Mail confirmed that no photo of the celebrity was altered in any way. Kylie has, however, kept her tummy hidden from public glares and hasn’t been out from [...]

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“It’s a Girl Again,” Reveals Adam Levine in Ellen DeGeneres’ Show!

Only 2 months to go and the proud father reveals – It’s a princess again! Recently, on Ellen DeGeneres’ Show Me More, Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine made a gender revelation of his 2nd child with wife Behati Prinsloo (28). After Dusty Rosie Levine (14 month old daughter), the couple is super excited to welcome their second daughter now. “It’s a girl, we’re having another girl,” said Levine during his chit-chat session with Ellen after Maroon 5’s performance in the show. The hit-maker of ‘What Lovers Do’ also informed the good health of his wife, “She’s just like a Champion of the world. “ Well, that’s not all! The second time would-be father (38) further expressed the [...]

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Dizziness during Pregnancy

Dizziness - what causes it and what should be done to avoid it Throughout your pregnancy, you may feel a disorienting feeling of unsteadiness, which can make you feel like you are going to faint. While this may sound alarming, you do not have to worry as this feeling is complete normal and common. However, there are several ways on how you can avoid dizziness. Early in a pregnancy, lightheadedness or dizziness may be caused by inadequate blood supply for a rapidly expanding circulatory system. As your body adjusts to the changes brought about by your pregnancy, you will develop ample blood supply to meet the increasing needs of your body. In the second trimester, on the other hand, [...]

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