The perfect plan for new moms to lose weight successfully

“No fitness training, diets or gym workout can help shed post pregnancy weight,” commented a fitness trainer. Ideally, a nursing mom needs to intake around 1,800 calories per day to produce healthy milk for the baby. But mom's who are not breastfeeding don’t require those extra calories. In this six months after having a baby in life, experts recommend new mothers to get into a healthy and routine diet. Eileen Behan, a dietician in Portsmouth, comments that “The six months of getting into the routine of diet can build a healthy and good foundation for eating habits.” Once they start to cut off the cravings and extra calories, losing weight will not be very difficult. When asked about what [...]

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Doctors are spreading awareness against preeclampsia and eclampsia that can be fatal for pregnant women

5% of all pregnancies get more complicated due to hypertension, and it delays in childbearing. According to latest maternity report, Jamaican women during and post pregnancy are suffering from hypertension issues. There are four types of hyper tensions, among which the riskiest ones are preeclampsia and eclampsia. Dr. Keisha Buchanan of ICON Medical Centre who is a very renowned obstetrician-gynecologist has done extensive research on the same to bring out several points to the light. “Preeclampsia is one of the most seen obstetric complications in Jamaican women nowadays. The major portion of protein from their body gets passed out through urine which makes them very weak. This can cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, sudden stomach ache and other issues.” Dr. [...]

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Researches show that detoxification during pregnancy is now important for the newborn baby

In 2012-2013, according to NSDUH, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, did research on drugs and pregnancy. They stated, “Around 5.5% of the pregnant women who are aging between 15 years and 44 years have used drugs in some or the other form.” The concern stated since then, as the newborns were showing signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or NAS. This signifies that they have signs of opioids. The count of newborns with NAS in 2012 was around 21,732. National Institute on Drug Abuse threw light on the matter. According to their statement, “As soon as these babies are born from their mother’s womb, they start detoxifying themselves.” American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists commented on the same. [...]

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Gas in pregnancy: Why this happens and what should you do if you have it

The increase in pregnancy hormones can relax the muscles throughout the body, including muscles in your digestive tract. This results to the slowing down of the digestive processes. This means that the bacteria in your tract have more time to work on the undigested food before elimination. With this extra working time, there is more fermentation, leading to more gas. Aside from the excessive hormone production during pregnancy, constipation can also slow down the bowel functions, making you feel more bloated and gassy. Gas during pregnancy can cause excruciating pain in the abdomen. The pain may stay in one area on your abdomen or travel to different parts like your back, chest or belly. It has been established that [...]

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Bloating – what causes bloating – things to do to relieve bloating

Since you became pregnant you constantly feel bloated, gassy and plain uncomfortable. You always feel like you have had too much even when you hardly touched anything to eat. You’re guessing right. You are having one of those common, least charming but normal pregnancy symptoms – bloating. You might not be prepared to get used to it, but this symptom is likely to last all the way to delivery date. What Causes Bloating Bloating is actually a symptom that pregnant mothers normally have to deal with. It is a condition where there is excess gas in the bowels.  You definitely feel stuffed and tend to pass gas more frequently. You will actually start experiencing the condition from around 11 [...]

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Medical advisers have revealed the major symptoms leading to miscarriage for to-be mothers to know

Of late, doctors and medical advisers all over the world have shown concern regarding pregnancy. As per National estimates, 15% to 20% of the pregnancy ends up in miscarriage. Among this, 40% of the miscarriage happens in the first trimester. Nonetheless, this is quite a depressing rate and a lot of women who have faced this has mentioned in their statement to the doctor that they feel lonely. Considering this state, medical experts have worked on the symptoms of pregnancy. “There are certain symptoms that all the to-be mothers should keep an eye on if they want to avoid miscarriage,” – said a gynecologist. During pregnancy, a bit of swelling is natural, especially in hand. But if that is [...]

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Jennifer Metcalfe posts to embrace herself and others new mommy bodies

Jennifer Metcalfe celebrates her new mom body while encouraging several new mothers out there! After four weeks of giving birth to her son, she posted her perfect new-mommy body picture on Instagram with a really motivating saying. What was on her mind, certainly gave a boost to many mothers who don’t like their body post pregnancy. It’s a general trend that celebrities are posting their pre-delivery picture with a baby bump and breaking certain body stereotypes. But, 34 years old Jennifer Metcalfe has taken another step to break the concept of ‘perfect body’ type, post pregnancy. “I feel it is important that we see unfiltered bodies during pregnancy and after babies are born, and celebrate the new body! I [...]

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Toddlers can now learn several languages just by hearing them | Researchers speak

Presently, toddlers are on the go with their excellent skills of advancement. This is all the more possible if children have access and exposure to several other languages. As per Rebecca Treiman, a researcher from Washington University St. Louis, Missouri, the United States, - “Children can learn and understand the statistics of learning and talk with sounds of language. It gives them an idea regarding which alphabets come after one another more often and which alphabets don’t pair so often. Later it helps them to speak clearly and more fluently.” The reason has been well established why children or baby brain can register different languages faster. According to researchers, the baby brain can recognize the difference between all 800 [...]

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‘No More-Pure!’ BLW makes your Angels (not fat) but Happy Eaters…

Baby-Led-Weaning or BLW is introducing complimentary foods to nurslings and though doesn’t ward off excess weight, it makes your child- A HAPPY EATER! Giving infants solid finger meals like broccoli florets and no puree makes your little tikes masters of eating on their own. Observational studies also highlight that BLW encourages babies to improve their eating patterns. Ms. Rapley, a researcher of – ‘Introducing of Solid Food to Infants’ highlights that- babies should only eat solid food once they develop the ability to feed themselves. She further adds, “Most parents worry that their little ones may not eat their needy amount when doing it on their own.” But she reassures by saying that these little tikes are very smart [...]

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Eating along with 40-min workout eradicates gestational diabetes risks during pregnancy

As per recent meta-analysis randomizing habitual traits of around 2000 women in US highlights – simply heading off for a 40 minute walk during pregnancy stages, slashes off 6% risk of gestational diabetes. It also brings down 30% Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during the period. The (ACOG) American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reinstates this fact and suggests, if not 40, then at least half an hour of moderate exercising for pregnant women. To-be mommies should include this 30 minute workout, exclusive of the warm-up or cooling down time period, at least 3 days in a week. They can add variety such as toning workouts, moderate stretching. Some mediocritic exercises including swimming, walking at a brisk pace, by-cycling in [...]

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