Backache during pregnancy... When you are pregnant, there is a likely that you will be having an achy back. Backache is a common symptom that affects women sometimes from the first trimester. But as with other symptoms that you are having at this time, knowing that you are having a baby is enough to ignore the problems, at least part of the time. Causes of backache Backache affects between 50% and 70% of pregnant women. This condition can place you in a very uncomfortable position especially on an already stressed physical body. But if you know why you’re having backache, probably you will be able to deal with it better. From the first trimester of your pregnancy you may [...]

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Bleeding gums

Pregnancy comes with many symptoms and bleeding gums is just another one to worry about... Fortunately, since you are that watchful mom who is on top of your game, you will know how to take care of these symptoms so they don’t affect baby and you. Bleeding gums - Pregnancy hormones at work Pregnant mothers do often experience bleeding gums when they brush their teeth or do flossing. This is a sign that pregnancy hormones are at work in your body, especially if you did not have the problem before. These are healthful hormones however, that seek to protect and support the development of the baby growing in you. But they do not seem to work unless they cause [...]

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40 weeks pregnant

At 40 weeks pregnant you are finally at the completion of your pregnancy..! You are excited, exhausted and anxious to finally hold your tiny baby in your arms. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns about this final week of pregnancy. This article will discuss what you can expect for  you and your baby at 40 weeks pregnant. Your baby at 40 weeks pregnant At 40 weeks pregnant your baby is ready to make its first official appearance. He/she weighs anywhere between 7-9 pounds and is about 19-22 inches in length. At birth your baby’s eyesight will only have developed enough to see about 2.5cm away do they won’t be able to clearly see your face. However, [...]

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39 weeks pregnant

At 39 weeks pregnant you are probably more than ready to go give birth... At 39 weeks pregnant you’re tired, anxious and most of all, ready to finally meet your baby. You are probably starting to experience some early signs of labor, and still be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. It is important to pay attention to what your body, and your baby, are trying to tell you. In this article we will discuss what you can expect during your thirty-ninth week of pregnancy. Your baby at 39 weeks At 39 weeks pregnant your baby is now considered “full term” and has pretty much stopped growing. He/she weighs anywhere between 8 and 9 pounds and is approximately 19-21 inches long. [...]

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38 weeks pregnant

We will discuss what you will experience during your 38 weeks of pregnancy... At 38 weeks pregnant, you are more than ready to deliver. Your are tired, wobbly, uncomfortable and most of all, ready to finally meet your baby.  You may be experiencing anxiety and find yourself running around in a frenzy as your nesting instinct takes over. This is perfectly normal. Your baby at 38 weeks pregnant Your baby weighs close to seven pounds and is about 21 inches long. He/she is continuing to shed the remaining vernix and laugo and swallow the remaining amniotic fluid which will be processed in the intestines and, after birth, will become your baby’s first bowel movement. And in case you were [...]

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28 months old

At 28 months old, your toddler is an inquisitive bundle of energy, always on the go... Their little minds are developing so quickly, and soaking up everything they see and hear. Temper tantrums may be the norm now as well as they are beginning to test their boundaries. It is important that you remain patient and set a strict set of rules for your child. This article will discuss how your child is developing at 28 months old. Toddler development at 28 months old Language development By the time your child is 28 months old they are learning to speak in longer sentences and can express what they are feeling as well as tell you what they are doing.  Their [...]

37 weeks pregnant

You are now entering your final month of your pregnancy... You should have gained between 25-35 pounds by this time and you are definitely feeling it! Your nesting instinct has kicked in by now as you are busy running around preparing for your little one. And you may be experiencing bouts of worry or anxiety, and even having trouble sleeping. Don’t worry, this is par for the course at the end of your pregnancy. The following article will discuss your baby’s progress at 37 weeks pregnant as well as what you can expect to be feeling, and thinking, as you enter the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Your baby at 37 weeks pregnant At 37 weeks pregnant your [...]

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27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant – getting ready for the third trimester... When you reach 27 weeks pregnant, you are almost done with the second trimester of your pregnancy. As you end the second trimester and enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, there are certain changes that you need to know and warning signs that you need to be aware of. Mom at 27 weeks pregnant At 27 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown into the size of a basket ball. While this may be a good thing as this indicates that your baby is growing inside your womb, this is not the only thing that is swelling at this time. Around this stage of your pregnancy, you will probably [...]

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26 weeks pregnant

Discover what happens when you reach week 26 of your pregnancy... At 26 weeks pregnant, you will probably feel your baby move in different ways, as the space in your uterus is getting more crowded by the day. In fact, the somersaults and turns will now become a more solid kick. In addition, you will also feel a foot or perhaps an elbow poking out of your belly. This stage of your pregnancy definitely offers a new set of experience for you and your baby. Mom at 26 weeks pregnant You are now 26 weeks pregnant and your uterus is already two and a half inches above your navel. Your belly button will become larger in size as it [...]

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27 months old

Your child is now 27 months old and seems to be into everything... Their little minds are developing at an alarming rate and they seem to have boundless energy. You may notice an increase in temper tantrums, but remember to be patient. This is a time of learning for both you and your toddler. In this article we will discuss what you can expect this month in your toddler’s life.  Toddler Development: 27 Months Language Development At 27 months, your toddler can comprehend at least 400 words and can verbalize about 200. They should know their first and last names by now and start to use the plural form of some words. They can use possessive pronouns such as [...]