Changes you experience at 20 weeks pregnant…

Now that you are in the midpoint of your pregnancy, the reality of the pregnancy is going to catch up with you. In fact, at 20 weeks pregnant you will begin to feel more real as you will actually feel your baby’s movements more and more and your baby bump will grow bigger by the day.

You’ve got a lot going on at 20 weeks pregnant. You get to experience more intense pregnancy symptoms and your baby is definitely getting bigger. Moreover, there is still plenty of room for your baby to grow inside your uterus, which allows your baby to twist and turn and make you feel his or her movements. In addition, there are several pregnancy symptoms that will make themselves more noticeable when you reach week 20 of your pregnancy.

Hair growth and nail growth

20 weeks pregnantAt 20 weeks pregnant, you will begin to notice that your nails are getting stronger and your hair is growing at an unusually faster rate, making you feel that it is fuller and thicker. This increased growth of your hair and nails is caused by the increased production of pregnancy hormones in addition to the increased blood circulation all over your body. However, even if your nails are long, they can actually turn brittle and dry due to the pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy diet and increased appetite

During the second trimester, you will notice that your appetite will increase, as you leave behind food aversions and nausea. In fact, most pregnant women at week 20 of their pregnancy can’t seem to stay away from the pantry. In such case, it is important to be mindful of the kind of foods that you eat. It is ideal that you stock up on nutritious foods and snacks and get rid of junk stuff. It is also important to divide your meals into five small meals and snacks in a day. This way, you will not get hungry too often throughout the day.

Indigestion and heartburn

Weeks pregnantHeartburn is rather common during pregnancy. This is caused by the increased pressure in the abdomen brought about by the growing uterus. A good way to resolve heartburn is to chew a piece of sugarless gum every after meals. This can increase your saliva which will neutralize the gastric acids and forces fluids back into your stomach. Moreover, you should also avoid lying down after eating, as this can cause gastric contents to back flow into the esophagus. It is ideal to sit or stand for a few hours after eating.

Increased vaginal discharges

As your pregnancy progresses and enters its 20th week mark, you will notice an increase in your vaginal discharges. While this may be uncomfortable, the discharges can help protect the vaginal canal from infection. Moreover, this can also maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the birth canal.

Occasional headaches, dizziness and faintness

At 20 weeks pregnant you will also notice that you will experience occasional headaches, especially when you are overheated and in windowless spaces. To avoid this from happening, you should take fresh air breaks outside several times a day. Moreover, you should dress in layers to avoid getting to hot. Too much heat can trigger a headache. Stuffy and hot rooms will not only cause headaches but also light headedness. You should also avoid changing positions suddenly as this can cause you to become dizzy.

Leg cramps and edema on your feet and ankles

Leg cramps during pregnancy are believed to be caused by the compression of blood vessels on the legs. You can resolve this by ensuring that your blood can properly circulate throughout your body. You should place your feet up whenever you can.

Edema or swelling of your feet and ankles is caused by water retention during pregnancy. If this becomes uncomfortable, you should wear comfortable shoes. When you are at home, you should consider wearing slippers. You should also avoid wearing tight socks and pantyhose that will disrupt blood flow in your lower extremities.

Your belly button pushes Outward

Your belly button may be pushed outwards as your uterus grows bigger and pushes your abdomen forward. If you do not like this look, you should not worry as your belly button will return to its normal state after the delivery of your baby.

Pelvic girdle pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction

Some pregnant women will develop pain in their pelvis. This pain is often called as pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain or PRGP. Another pain felt during pregnancy is SPD or symphysis pubis dysfunction. While these types of pain are not dangerous, they can cause discomfort. You can seek help from your health care provider if you are having this kind of pain. Support girdles may also be prescribed for this type of pain during pregnancy.

Determining your baby’s gender and the changes he or she experiences at week 20

At 20 weeks pregnant, this is a great time for you to determine your baby’s gender through a pregnancy ultrasound. At this time, your baby’s genitals is already formed and in position. You will probably see them on an ultrasound, if your baby is positioned properly.

Development of meconium

At 20 weeks pregnant, your baby will weigh about 10 ounces and measure six and a half inches long. Your baby is also swallowing more these days, which is an ideal practice for your child’s digestive system. He or she will also start producing meconium. This is a black and sticky by-product of digestion. This will accumulate in his or her bowels until delivery.

Nervous system development

Even though your baby is growing bigger and stronger these days, there are some key aspects of their development that are still going on. In fact, nerves in their brain continue to develop to allow them to control their senses. Once these nerves fully develop, your child will have control over his or her sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.

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