You are now 14 weeks pregnant…

Reaching 14 weeks pregnant your early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness are starting to decrease, but you may start to experience new symptoms as well and you may start to notice a slight “baby bump.” In the following article we will discuss what you can expect at fourteen weeks.

Your baby

14 weeks pregnantAt 14 weeks of pregnancy your baby is now able to open and close it’s now fully formed mouth and is working on those sucking reflexes. as well facial expressions. He or she is about the size of an average clenched fist or a lemon, approximately 3.4 inches and weighs about 1.52 ounces or 42 grams.

Your baby can now clench their fist and may begin sucking their thumb. Although  your baby now has eyebrows and a thin layer of hair starting to sprout on his/her head, the actual hair color and texture may change after birth. Your baby’s windpipe, larynx, vocal chords and esophagus are now in place.

Your baby’s liver is now actively producing bile which will later aid the digestion of fats. The spleen is continuing production of red blood cells. Your baby will also start to pass urine about every half hour, but since the kidneys are not yet fully formed the urine will be dilated.

Your baby’s thyroid glands are starting to produce hormones vital for brain development. If you are having a girl her ovaries are now fully developed, producing eggs and are moving toward the pelvis.  If you are having a boy his prostate glands are developing.

Your body at 14 weeks pregnant

At 14 weeks you may start to experience the first signs of “baby brain” or brain fog as you find yourself becoming forgetful and sometimes disoriented. You might also experience some nasal congestion and have an occasional nosebleed and may even be informed that your are starting to snore while sleeping.

You may begin to show a little at this point as your uterus is now on top of your pelvic bone and may start to cause your belly to protrude a little. It may be a good time to invest in some maternity clothes so you will be more comfortable.  You will find your early pregnancy symptoms beginning to fade as you are starting to feel healthier, sexier and more energetic than you have in weeks.

You may notice more freckles and moles now and your breasts will become more sensitive as they are preparing for lactation. Your mood swings will probably increase during your second trimester.  You may also experience gas pain, increased flatulence and water retention.

You may start to experience muscle cramps as your blood flow is starting to slow down. These may be especially prevalent in your legs, which may mostly occur when you are sleeping. Putting your feet up and using a heating pad should help alleviate muscle cramps. Staying properly hydrated will help ease muscle aches as well so increase your water intake. Some women find that more calcium helps as well extra magnesium.

Weeks pregnantBackache and water retention

Some women may experience back pain during pregnancy and it might start as early as 14 weeks. This is caused as the extra weight from your expanding uterus is straining the muscles in your back. You can help decrease back pain by wearing comfortable shoes (no heels) with a strong arch support.  Avoid lifting heavy objects and sit in chairs with good back support, as well as sleeping on a firm mattress. If you are experiencing severe back pain accompanied by fever, you should contact your physician immediately.

Water retention may cause your feet and ankles to swell. You can alleviate this by decreasing your sodium intake and spending less time on your feet. Your skin may become more sensitive and itchy as well. This can be remedied by taking an oatmeal bath. However, if you develop hives or a rash, you need to see your physician right away as this is a sign of a serious pregnancy complication called pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

It is important to maintain a healthy diet and make sure you are avoiding alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and any drugs that have not been prescribed or recommended by your physician. Make sure to regularly take any vitamins and supplements that have been recommended by your doctor as well. You can do low to moderate exercise to keep your and your baby healthy and to maintain a healthy baby weight.

Remember to contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any intense or unusual pregnancy symptoms. Keep your scheduled appointments and make sure you are getting enough rest.

Should I find out the sex of my baby?

Finding out the sex of your infant is something you should discuss with your partner. There are many advantages of knowing the gender of your baby in advance such as:

  • it may increase your “bond” with your baby if you know the sex in advance
  • people will be able to purchase “gender-appropriate”
  • it can help you help to prepare older siblings for the birth of their new brother or sister
  • you can chose a gender specific name
  • you can chose a gender-based theme for your nursery

If you prefer the element of surprise, you might want to inform your doctor during your ultrasound, so they do not accidentally “blurt out” the information, thus ruining the surprise.

A lot of couples have the doctor place the ultrasound photo in a sealed envelope, especially if the partner is not able to be present during the ultrasound. This way the two of you can open the envelope together and find out the sex of your baby at the same time. Or you can have a “reveal” party and open the envelop at that time. It is your choice, so make it fun and exciting!

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